Five Delayed Titles Worth Waiting For

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Gran Turismo 5

Like Michael Jordan after hitting six threes in the first half of Game 2 of the 1992 NBA Finals, all we can do is shrug after being hit with yet another delay of a Gran Turismo game.


This will happen eventually, dammit.

Officially, the recent delay from November 2nd to “holiday 2010” is the first for Gran Turismo 5. Really, it’s not unlike the delay that GT4 experienced, being pushed from it’s December 2004 release into February 2005. In this case, though, it’s been a shock to know that the game has been in development for five years, yet was still beat to shelves by two Forza games on the 360, as well as Gran Turismo on PSP, thought to be vaporware before its release last October.

Fortunately, the game promises to deliver the premier driving experience short of taking a spin on the Nurburgring yourself, and the delay could very well be a short one.

Or so we hope.

Duke Nukem Forever

You can’t write anything about delayed games without mentioning ol’ Duke, but by now everyone and their mothers knows the story: the game began development back in 1997, followed by delay after delay as 3D Realms went from developing on the Quake II engine to the Unreal engine, followed by a whole lotta nothin’. When 3D Realms was shut down in 2009, it seemed that gaming’s longest running joke had finally come to an end.

That is, until Gearbox came out of nowhere and dropped the biggest bombshell at PAX this September — not only were they working on Duke Nukem Forever, they had a playable demo on the floor for all to try. After years of empty promises in the form of trailer after trailer after trailer, we were finally hit with concrete evidence of the game’s existence.

The game I read about as a 10-year-old was finally on its way. Not that I’ll let my guard down until I’m playing it, mind you.

Readers Comments (7)

  1. How can you be sure GT5 and Duke Nukem Forever are worth waiting for? 😛

  2. @ TRF — They just have to be! 😥

  3. Alan Wake is a unique game. It has flaws, the story is alittle “out there and jumping is gimped but overall it was worth the wait. It was the only reason I bought a 360….back in 2009 when it was suppose to come out. XD


  4. I think Smash Bros Brawl shoulda been on there for sure.

  5. Timesplitters 4?

    That’s what i always think of when delayed game articles appear 🙁

  6. You forgot about the biggest one – Final Fantasy XIII. While i’m not sure if it was ever OFFICIALLY delayed or not, it sure as heck took it’s time coming out but it was more than worth the wait.

  7. TraumaticTighearnan October 19, 2010 @ 17:53

    GTA IV? Every person I know who played that game hated it.. Like, everyone..
    The only person who liked it realised he only thought he liked it half way through..

    I wanna play Alan Wake though, it looks incredible =D

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