Games that will Define this Generation

And while the colorful, kid-friendly graphics were easy prey to those that declare Mario nothing but a baby game, it was better to look at than some launch Xbox 360 titles. Nintendo did their damndest to squeeze every bit of power out of their little white box, and it showed. This was a perfect compliment to the brilliant level design, with Miyamoto proving once again why he’s been so successful for so long. Even 3 years later no one comes close to pulling off what they did in SMG.

While the sequel was more of the same for the most part, was that really so bad?

This is platforming perfected, friends.

Halo Reach

A lot of gamers are probably looking at the head and wondering why we chose to list Halo: Reach over its predecessor, Halo 3. After all, Halo 3 was responsible for some of the best multiplayer action available on any console title to date. It was also responsible for a great matchmaking system as well as the Forge feature that changed the way Haloholics played the game. However, when you look at Halo 3 and then you look at Halo: Reach, it almost feels as though Halo 3 was just a precursor, rather, baby step, to get to something even more defining in the series and that is…Reach.

Of course, some will speculate that without Master Chief, Reach loses some of its luster or pull due to the iconic branding that MC has on the Halo franchise, but the truth of the matter is, Reach is still going to sell a lot of units and it will do so deservingly.

That’s not what this list is about though, this list is to explain why Halo: Reach will help define this generation of consoles and why gamers will look back to this point 10 years down the road and remain in “awe” of what they potentially missed out on. You see, Reach is taking everything that Halo 3 did perfectly well and placing it on an untraceable HGH substance that brings it to that next level. Not only has Bungie recreated the iconic universe through a new engine, but they’ve also expanded Forge to a depth that is hard to even comprehend without actually getting your hands on the product.

Furthermore, Forge has the ability to take what games like Delta Force: Land Warrior did for PC gamers in terms of map creations and bought it to the Xbox 360 in a vast world with many environmental elements ranging from mountains to rivers. Reach doesn’t stop there though, as Bungie has also included Firefight from the ODST release into the mix. When you think about that and you add onto it the matchmaking system and online co-op to complete the Halo storyline, it starts to become very difficult to think of a game with a richer feature set.

Sometimes it’s difficult to justify spending $60 on a video game due to the potential of poor replayability, campaign length, and overall quality, but when gamers look back, Halo: Reach will shine as the title that is probably worth 2-3x its asking price and it will deliver on the entertainment per dollar spent as well.

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  1. No Modern Warfare 2? It defined how bad a game can be when you don’t have a beta.

    Great list. 😀

  2. lawl^

    Great list. I’d add in Demons Souls as well 😉 I’d kill to be able to play Reach and SMG..

  3. This list will have to be updated once GT5 comes.

  4. No God of War III? That game was amazing.

  5. i hawe to correct you, lbp now has ower 3 milion levels
    but otherwise i agre with ewry single word
    aldow i myself would put gow3 on the list because 10 years from now people are gona look back an see it as the game that spawned many new action titles
    i mean seriously, werent you amased when fighting Posidon, did youre encounter with Kronos also made you question if this is for real, and killing Hades was like one of the most satisfiing moments in videogames(dam i hated that bastard)

  6. No obivion???? it was the biggest and most amazing open world RPG ever! its been out for almost 5 years and no game has come close to it exept fallout 3 (which was made by the same developer lol)

  7. Doominator99 has to wake up play some real games

  8. Well, I’m surprised Heavy Rain isn’t there considering how fresh and innovative it is.

  9. victorgodamnsullivan September 1, 2010 @ 15:24

    Mass Effect 2 should have really been on this list.

  10. It’s not out – but it will be The Last Guardian

  11. @ comments 4 & 5 — Why would God of War III be on the list? I mean, it looks fantastic and plays very well, but beyond that… it’s hardly “genre-defining”. The game was simply a very enjoyable button-masher. Nothing more, nothing less. Something like, say, Bayonetta would probably be a better example.

    Nice list, Joe. Can’t say there’s one game up there I’d disagree with 😉

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