Gamescom 2011: Anarchy Reigns multiplayer trailer

There’s a good chance you haven’t played any of Platinum Games’ previous titles. MadWorld on Wii flopped, while Bayonetta and Vanquish on HD consoles didn’t sell very well, either. Not that you’re forgiven for that — all of those games were a proper good time, featuring some of the best action you can find on any console.

Their latest title, Anarchy Reigns, looks to live up to the reputation of those past games and seems to be doing a damn fine job of it. With Gamescom this week we have a new trailer for the game, this time featuring the multiplayer modes that gamers can look forward to when they get their hands on the game this coming January.

Of course, you have your standard deathmatch mode, where four players wail on each other with their fists, feet, and an assortment of crazy weapons. On top of that, you also have what’s quickly become another multiplayer staple, the horde mode (called Survival here).

If you’ve bought any of Platinum’s previous games, you’re my BFF. If not, please do so, and get yourself ready for this one.