Jak and Daxter Collection officially official, coming February 2012

Not too long ago, a Naughty Dog spokesperson confirmed the existence of a Jak and Daxter HD collection to Game Informer. Today, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells took to the PlayStation Blog to make it as official as possible: the Jak and Daxter Collection will be coming to PS3 this coming February.

The release date doesn’t get any more specific than that for now, although Wells did have a few more details to share. The collection will sport the same next-gen features seen in previous remastered volumes — 720p resolution, trophy support, and stereoscopic 3D. Mass Media is the studio that will be handling the port, with Naughty Dog keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.

It’s a shame that the collection will just miss the franchise’s 10th anniversary on December 4th, although it’s great to see nonetheless.

Source: PlayStation Blog