Join PS Uni’s Max Payne 3 Crew in the Rockstar Social Club!

The Rockstar Social Club recently added the ability to create and join crews across all of their multiplayer games, starting with the release of Max Payne 3 tomorrow (there will be a review up soon, promise!). Wonderfully enough, the crews will also carry over to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V (whenever that actually is).

Naturally, that means that we needed a crew to call our very own, so here it is! Click that last bit! Or here, if you prefer!

Why should you crew up? Fighting alongside a crew gives you an XP bonus over playing lone wolf, and there are also bonuses for fighting against rival crews. And since the crews are tied to your Rockstar Social Club profile, you can be part of a crew even if you’re not playing on the same console! Weird, right? But that’s how it works, apparently!

So please, justify the 40 minutes I spent recreating our logo for the crew emblem by joining PS Uni! Here’s the link again, if you somehow missed it.