Major World Events the PlayStation 2 Experienced

In sports, the Chicago White Sox win their first World Series since 1917, and at this point Cubs fans such as me struggle to find reasons to keep watching baseball.

Major PS2 releases: Even though Sony unveiled the PlayStation 3 at E3 in 2005, while Microsoft would launch the Xbox 360 in November. And when the PSP released, what people were buying was essentially a handheld PS2. That didn’t stop games such as Gran Turismo 4, Devil May Cry 3, God of War, Tekken 5, Psychonauts, Resident Evil 4, Guitar Hero, and Shadow of the Colossus from releasing.


In terms of news, it was a fairly slow year. In October, the Islamic State of Iraq is declared, with former dictator Saddam Hussein being executed by hanging at the end of December. In miscellaneous news, the painting No. 5 by Jackson Pollock sells for a stupefying $140 million.

In sports, Kobe Bryant scores 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, and his teammates all pretend to be happy for him. Also, the St. Louis Cardinals win their first World Series in 24 years, but still have the second most titles with 10. There is no end for Cubs fans’ pain.

Notable PS2 releases: With the release of the PS3 in 2006 there was a noticeable dip in the number of high-profile releases. Kingdom Hearts II, Tomb Raider: Legend, Okami, SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Combined Assault, and Guitar Hero II all offered quite a variation in game experiences, though. Most importantly, they were all very playable on gamers’ shiny new PS3s. Well, Guitar Hero II was awkward in that sense, but still.


Another quiet year, highlighted by the Harry Potter book series coming to a merciful end with the release of Deathly Hallows, which goes on to sell 11 million copies in 24 hours. The Writers Guild of America also goes on strike, interrupting comedy gold mines such as According to Jim and Frank TV. LOL, amirite?


Never forget.

Sports were affected by death more than anything else, with the death of Colin McRae and Chris Benoit. Benoit’s death was unfortunate in that it resulted in him murdering his wife and child and seemed to be a combination of the repeated brain injuries while and the steroids he took during his career. The Chicago Bears also lost the Super Bowl to the Indianapolis Colts and the Boston Red Sox win another World Series. If there’s a sports god, he hates me something fierce.

Notable PS2 releases: At this point developers for the most part are all in on the high-definition generation of games. However, those left clinging to their PS2s were treated to Rogue Galaxy, God of War II, and Persona 3. Other than that, it was a flood of sports games and other annualized games such as Need for Speed and Guitar Hero III.


Ah, who can forget the International Year of the Potato? The year was a bit of a biggie in the world of politics, as Fidel Castro resigned from his post as president of Cuba (or dictator, same difference over there) for his brother to be elected into office in what was surely a shining example of the democratic process. Speaking of elections, the United States elected Barack Obama as their president, making him the first black president, and therefore the coolest, in the country’s history.

Also, the New York Giants upset the undefeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, simultaneously tricking people into thinking Eli Manning is good at football and making the Patriots the worst 18-1 team ever.

Notable PS2 releases: Persona 4 and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories for the KH die-hards. PS2 players are desperately saving up for a new system.


Two things dominated the headlines last year, and each one had wall-to-wall news coverage: swine flu and Michael Jackson’s death. What did they have in common? I didn’t care about either because they didn’t affect me in any way! Simple: wash your hands and don’t devote so much time idolizing child molesters. Done and done.

The New York Yankees won their 27th World Series in the inaugural season at the new Yankee Stadium, while the Arizona Cardinals come within inches of beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Super Bowl that had no business being as exciting as it was.

Notable PS2 releases: A flood of sports games and ports that you’d much rather play on a PS3 or 360. Even Tony Hawk and Need for Speed had abandoned the PS2 at this point.


Hey, it’s the present! This year we got to experience BP achieve supervillain status by not only spilling millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, but doing a terrible job of handling the situation. And just recently there were over 30 miners trapped underground in Chile for over two months, something you might be tired of hearing about over the last month or so.

Sports-wise there were a couple of more cases of perennial loser sports teams finally getting their time to shine, with the New Orleans Saints winning their first Super Bowl and the Texas Rangers playing in their first World Series starting tomorrow.

Notable PS2 releases: Finally, even Guitar Hero didn’t release on the PS2 this year. A fine assortment of sports and Harry Potter games for the nephew you gave your old PS2 to, though.

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  1. i wass still activly playing my ps2, all until 2008 when i sold it and got me a ps3
    but then quicly re-bought it after seing how many great ps2 exclusives i dident play
    and ewen do i hawe multiple next gen consoles i still play final fantasy 10, half of the time

  2. forgot the end of the iraq war…. pretty notable mention to me lol

  3. Whoever wrote this article don’t forget Yakuza 2 for ps2 in dec 2008 which is one of the best games on ps2 and 2008 ps2 game of the year.Play it first trust me.Kiryu as badass as kratos or even better.Awesome combat with an open world city and awesome story!

  4. ps2 was epic

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