MotorStorm RC coming to PSN and PS Vita in Spring 2012

Sony today announced a new game in their off-road racing series, MotorStorm RC. The game will launch simultaneously on both the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 and for the upcoming PlayStation Vita this coming spring.

As well as scaling down from a full-blown retail PS3 release, the game looks to scale down the core game as well — the off-road cars, trucks, and bikes have been replaced with off-road radio-controlled cars (although different weight classes still exist). MotorStorm RC will also feature 16 tracks set in the four locales that the previous MotorStorm games took place in. That means you’ll be controlling these scale-models in the Monument Valley desert, the jungles of Pacific Island, the icy Arctic edge, and the ruins of a nameless post-apocalyptic city.

The real selling point, though, is that buying the game will get you both versions, and that you can pick up where you left off no matter where you are. MotorStorm RC joins Ruin as another Vita game that will offer such functionality between versions.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog