Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City multiplayer trailer is explosive and gory

Having very little to do with the actual numbered franchise itself, Operation Raccoon City instead aims to be a 4-player cooperative Resident Evil experience as well as a competitive one. Capcom just released a new trailer showing off plenty of new gameplay as well as some info on multiplayer game modes. Check it out here.

For the most part, we have our standard modes. Team Attack (TDM), Biohazard (Escort), Survivor, and the rather interesting Heroes mode. In Heroes, players will be protecting their own and attacking opposing iconic franchise characters. Sort of like an assassination game type, with a certain target that needs to be killed. All the game modes will include zombies among the environment, making the objective a little more challenging.

The gameplay is looking pretty hectic and strangely reminiscent of other popular third person shooter franchises. I don’t know about you or anyone else watching the video, but I got a heavy SOCOM vibe from it… and I’m sort of okay with that. Let’s just hope the game delivers on entertainment when it releases March 20.

Source: Capcom-Unity