Seed Studios discusses Under Siege delay due to PSN downtime

The latest PlayStation 3 exclusive Under Siege was set to release on the PlayStation Network today in Europe, however with the PSN outage, Seed Studios has announced that the game will be delayed until further notice.

Speaking with PlayStation University, Seed Studios lead programmer Bruno Ribeiro provided details regarding the delay.

“At the moment all we know is that Sony is trying to get the service back online as soon as possible, so the game will hopefully be online together with the rest of PSN,” said Ribeiro. “We hope to maintain the US release date, although obviously the EU date is postponed.”

With Open Emotion confirming Sony providing further assistance in promoting Mad Blocker Alpha due to the delay, we asked Ribeiro if Sony had done the same for Under Siege.

“Right now they are focusing in putting everything back together, but we hope that they can give us some help in recovering the attention of PS3 gamers following this additional delay.”

According to the official Under Siege Facebook page, Seed Studios is in constant contact with the development team at Sony and will be providing a new launch date for Europe soon.

Under Siege is a new real-time strategy game for the PSN, featuring a full single-player campaign, online and co-op local multiplayer, Move support, map editor, video & screenshot capturing, and custom soundtrack support. Definitely keep an eye on Under Siege as it’s expected to release next week. Stay tuned as we’ll be posting more of our interview with Bruno Ribeiro later today.