Six Diseases in Gaming Worse than the Plague

Dead Space tells the cheery story of a mining ship, the USG Ishimura, sending out a distress signal that you go investigate with a team of others. Instead of survivors, though, you find that everyone’s been transformed into creatures that are more unpleasant than Mel Gibson after eight Jack & Cokes.

The worst part is the fact that the mysterious alien infection also gets a hold of infants on board, making for some of the most genuinely disturbing enemies in recent memory. That’s not to say that I didn’t dismember them as swiftly as their adult counterparts – it just felt weird, is all.

Chimera Virus — Resistance series

World War II games are done to death, but somehow alternate reality games are as compelling as ever. Well, “usually” is probably more accurate, but the Resistance series is definitely near the front of the pack.

Rather than a world war, it’s a war of the worlds as aliens known as the Chimera invade the planet. Interestingly enough, the Chimera virus can turn any human being into one of their own. Since their body temperatures are prone to rising to dangerous levels, the Chimera wear cooling apparatuses on their backs to cool themselves.

The main character in both games, Nathan Hale, is infected with the virus early on. However, he is able to suppress its effects with the aid of drugs. This allows him to take advantage of increased physical strength, all while keeping his shit together mentally … up until the very end of Resistance 2. At this point Hale’s humanity is hanging by a thread, with crazy red-yellow eyes and discolored skin:

R.I.P., ya mutant bastard.

Neo Mitochondria — Parasite Eve

I’ve honestly never played either game in this series, but it’s just weird enough that I really want to.

In Parasite Eve, the mitochondria in people’s cells (they create cellular energy, for you non-biology types) decide that they’ve had just about enough of our puny human existence and rebel against us. Just how do they do this? By causing us to spontaneously combust, of course … and it’s all caused by an evil opera singer. No, really:

In other creatures the mitochondria simply decide to transform them into gross looking monstrosities, as you can see in tiny thumbnails on the page linked here.

I’m not sure what this game’s deal is, exactly, but I’d really like to see this wacky crap for myself. Unfortunately the game isn’t available on PSN outside of Japan, so that’s not happening anytime soon. With a new game coming to PSP relatively soon, I have no idea what Square is waiting for. Get on it, ya jerks!

Is there a special case of the heebie-jeebies in a video game that you hold near and dear? Let us know below!

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  1. I got hooked on so many drugs in Fallout 3. They used to call me “Whitney Houston of the Wastes”.

  2. Lawl good article, I enjoyed reading it.

  3. I’d have to go with the zombie – virus inside the cursed gold coffin in “Uncharted: Drake’s fortune”. Seeing that old guy turn into a hideous zombie just by breathing in the fumes from the coffin was so scary i nearly wet myself.

    Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was a masterpiece of a game and i think that virus deserves to be on this list.

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