Sony calls on other SCE studios to help with development of The Last Guardian

Fans are well aware of The Last Guardian’s less-than-easy-going development cycle. With the head of the studio leaving Sony (but still a part of the development process), and constant release date push-backs, some gamers are beginning to wonder whether we will ever get to see Team Ico’s next creation. However, it seems that Sony has swallowed their pride and is asking for help.

In a recent interview with Wired, SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Sony is calling in for aid from studios such as Santa Monica Studios with development of The Last Guardian. Yoshida continued by revealing that other studios are also assisting Sony with their development. He said, “We have a central tech group in the US and the UK, so we are giving them whatever help they need. Technically, we have the best engineers in the US and Europe, so these teams are helping them, giving advice.”

Yoshida went on to say that the game is very close to completion, being at a playable stage now, but not at the level Sony is wanting for a release.

[Source: Wired]