Spike VGA ads tease “PS3 exclusive you won’t believe”

Games journalist Geoff Keighly, who also happens to be the executive producer for the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards, recently posted a picture of a VGA billboard in Times Square on his Twitter account. That wouldn’t normally be newsworthy, but he also said that the image contained some “cool world premiere news,” and his eagle-eyed followers quickly found what he was talking about — a line on the billboard reads “PS3 exclusive you won’t believe,” which Keighly later confirmed.

That’s pretty much all we have to go on, and I’m sure the scamps over at Spike will stay tight-lipped about what it is until the VGAs air on December 10th. Until then, all we can do is speculate with reckless abandon. Will it be the rumored “Title Fight” mascot brawler? Genji 3? Super Mario Sunshine 2?! I guess we’ll have our answers in less than two weeks.

In the meantime, check the image out below:

Source: Twitter, Gaming Bolt