Square-Enix teases artwork for their Unreal Engine RPG

Not too long ago, Square Enix signed a deal to license Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 for game development. While it isn’t Square’s first foray with the technology, one must assume they are trying to get their hands on an easy-to-work-with engine to pump out some games that could potentially be more appealing to a broader audience. And if there is one engine that spans a vast amount of genre’s, Unreal Engine 3 is definitely that.

As expected, something unlike Final Fantasy seems to be the next Square title to sport Epic’s tech. They teased us with this artwork:

The character gives off a Darkwatch vibe, while the owl and background imply a fantasy setting. Both raise interests, but with Sqaure, who knows what we could be getting? For now this is all we have to salivate over until some more info surfaces.

Source: GamesRadar