Telltale Games “impressed” by Sony and PSPgo

In a recent interview with, Telltale Games CEO, Dan Connors, expressed how “impressed” he is with Sony and their decision to try and conquer download media with the release of the PSPgo. Connors believes that Sony is always pushing the envelope with technology and their products and feels that the PSPgo is no different in that respect.

“I think kudos to Sony for continuing to push the envelope,” he said. “You look at the number of games that are selling on the iPhone and it’s a pretty safe idea for them.

“I’m very impressed with the step that they’re taking and as we continue to move towards handhelds, it’s certainly going to be part of our plan.”

As a PSPgo owner, I do love the portability of the device without physical media, however, I think Sony needs to mandate that developers release their products for download alongside the physical format. It’s good to see other companies support Sony and back their products though.