Uncovering three of the unannounced titles at TGS ’09

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I’m sure a lot of us have been wondering what several of the unannounced titles are going to be at the Tokyo Game Show this year. This is pretty much a marathon of sorts every year in the industry and we always leave it to Japanese-insider, Famitsu, to break the story and spill the beans. This year, we’re hoping to get a minor jump on those boys across the ocean and release the names of three PlayStation exclusives that will be revealed at TGS ’09.

1. Grandia 4.

2. Ar Tonelico 3.

3. Legend of Dragoon 2.

While these games may not come as a surprise to many — our incredible inside source has confirmed several times that development and production on these games has started. Whether or not Sony decides to show them off this week is entirely up to them; however, we stand by the fact that these titles do exist and should be unveiled this week.

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  1. Is your source “in”credible or is the source actually credible?

    I’d love a LoD sequel.

  2. He’s so “in” that he’s “credible.” 😉

  3. Grandia 4?! I swear to God if you guys are lying…

  4. o my god…………………………

  5. Like I said guys, my source confirmed these titles are in development (a lot of sites have reported the same thing). Whether or not Sony decided to unveil them at TGS is another story. But the unannounced slots are their for it to happen.

  6. What other sites have reported these titles (particularly Legend of Dragoon 2) are in development at all?

  7. ahhhhh come on when the hell is sony going to announce syphon filter 5?
    their most popular series besides FF and GT, the best series on the psp, the best series on the PS1 and its STILL yet to see the light of day on the ps3.
    come on sony, what are you waiting for?

  8. is your source Gamesblow???
    If so, than you can forget it, cause he is a LIAR

  9. If Legend of dragoon 2 is finally coming out I’d be over the moon.

  10. @Kain

    Lol — No, my source is not the infamous Gamesblow. My source is an actual industry insider.

  11. If LoD2 is legit, ill shit a brick…

  12. Grandia 4!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. is this true?

  14. you got to be shitting me? LOD2?!?!? holy crap thats the only RPG that i went over 100+…..cause of the dam upgrading weapons, i hated that and it shoud be changed

  15. I would LOVE a Legend of Dragoon sequel! Dart still has some fight in him left.

  16. hey man

  17. Holy Shit Awesome!!!

  18. Omg LOD 2 *dies* and Grandia 4 omg! i loved Grandia 1 and 2 🙂

  19. Wow, Grandia 4!

  20. You guys better NOT be joking about Legend of Dragoon 2….

  21. LoD 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. OMG LOD 2 GRANDIA 4 maaan omg….are you kidding me!! x_x But LOD 2!!! that was my first playstation rpg maan..

  23. Never played any of them. Cant wait to see a trailer or something. I love me a good rpg!

  24. I really hope thats true but I heard one of the unannounced games is a shooter lets just hope theres 4 unannounced titles and that the shooter is a new Syphon Filter!

  25. I call bullshite.

    Ar Tonelico and Grandia are IPs owned by other companies.

  26. Yes — And how many of those companies have unannounced titles 😉

  27. LOD 2 HELL YEA

  28. @ Katcx: This site is NOT full of “bull shit”, SCEJ/Sony just don’t have the balls to debut any of their fucking projetcs. That’s what is full of bull shit.

  29. Hahahaha. so what happened to this theory?

  30. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 02:29

    So…. so much Bullshit it hurts…

  31. @ Ifukuaremom: Read above, or even read the damn article.

    Same with Nuclear Sandwich.

  32. . Whether or not Sony decides to show them off this week is entirely up to them; however, we stand by the fact that these titles do exist and should be unveiled this week.

    I swear thats what it says

  33. Lol talk about fail, so where are those games? hahaha i can’t believe i clicked on this shit

  34. Legend of dragoon 2? are you joking me? omfg hahaha i freakin loved that game,ive always waited for them to make a sequel,bc dart and them were amazing! =D the storyline was great,and the gameplay was awesome..aww man cant wait ^.^ but i hope they make the gameplay even better though.

  35. “and should be unveiled this week.”-Key word, SHOULD.

    The term “should” does NOT refer to will, or are.

    So yes, that is what it says. And quite clearly, SCEJ did NOT debut for them whatever fucked up reason.

    Probably due to the fact that they feel comfortable with thier current software, who knows.

  36. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 05:17

    Stop grasping for straws DeathWraith.

    So you’re telling me that these games exist? Ok, then let me wait for Grandia 4 and Legend of Dragoon 2 to be released in 2021.

    Ar Tonelico 3? Of course we all know it will come.

    Fact is, the source was bullshit and this site fails for believing him.

  37. Deathwra….

    Please shut up and stop spinning, are you advocate or something?
    None of 3!!! games has been shown, talk about false promise, new gamesblow nonsense, spare us from future idiocy like this one is

  38. @ Nuclear Sandwich: I shouldn’t have to repeat myself, as I’ve already pointed out much like the article, that these titles do exist as a fact.

    If you were able to actually do some research, you’d know that the site consists of PSU journalists [ex ones for that matter], who created this website.

    Being a journalist, it’s quite clear you’d have connections to inside news. And as far as I’m concerned, PSU never once did any bull shit on their news.

    @aaa: None of these titles have been shown, because they have to actually debuted. That’s a no brainer, nor rocket science for you.

    Waits for the “You’re still full of shit”.

  39. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 06:42

    Not to mention how the author of the article said “the fact that these exist” even though he has no proof of this claims.

    Would have been better if they wrote something along the lines of “Take this RUMOUR with a grain of salt” or something.

  40. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 06:45

    While I do respect PSU, there is a reason why they are FORMER journalists of a credible site. I think you know why.

    You have no proof this game exist and yet you consider this as a fact, why do you think people wouldn’t think you’re full of SHIT.

  41. Yes, there is a reason why I am a “former” journalist from PSU — I quit. Have you ever been to a game convention like GDC, E3 or TGS? I have. They show multiple games behind closed doors that the public is never privy to and that the media has to sign an NDA agreement for. Remember Heavy Rain? That was displayed way before it was ever announced or “debut” officially by Sony. The same goes for inFamous.

    I continue to stand by this article. The production of these games on some level do exist. What was the unannounced titles displayed, Nuclear? Do you know? No? How come? Surely someone must know, right? Why weren’t the “unannounced” titles shown off at the conference?

    Think about it a little.

  42. Fact stays that NONE of 3 games YOU promised have been shown, none. Sony had TWO not one but TWO media events. Kaz Keynote and SCEJ press conference, and none of them had at least one of these 3 games, and btw nothing worth watching them to be honest.
    Look you are not first guy to talk about LOD2, grandia 4, etc, so did Gamesblow and we know what happened to him. Unless you can give proof, it is better not to write about this or you will actually in a long run lose hits, people will call it BS, that’s what happened with every industry insider, everytime.
    When will those games be shown? Tomorrow? Doubt that. Next years TGS? Who cares, some of us might not be alive by then. IF some games is long way of, it is better not to say anything about it.
    We are no idiots, we know there are games being shown behind close doors, but that is irrelevant, to us.

  43. “we know there are games being shown behind close door”

    As far as I’m concerned, you pretty much just agreed that these titles exist as a matter of fact. Just like we’ve been trying to tell you.

    As I’ve already pointed out before out, or even Dean for that matter. It is NOT, I repeat, it is NOT up to us, the media or anyone else for that matter, to debut their software titles. That is entirely up to Sony, and Sony themselves.

    We know these exist, we can’t however, debut them for you just because you’ve asked nicely or call it a load of shit. It’s just the way things are.

  44. @ Dean: Well, just be curious. How come SCEJ decided not to debut them?

    I assume it’ll be because the current build is still too early to display anything. Or for that matter, wanting Final Fantasy XIII to gain as much attention as possible.

    Just my personal reasons why it may not have debuted.

  45. @ Katcx: “What a joke”- As far as I see it. You’re not the journalist here, and you’re most certainly not the one to be dishing out the “joke” or “retard” card when you know nothing that you’re speaking about.

  46. Who are you -death warith- ? Do you work on this site? I guess not. Then let me ask you why are you here like a hawk defending and replying on every comment that doesn’t agree with yours unrealistic opinion?
    Are you just trying to kiss up to Dean for future “rumors” or what? This seems rather lame i have to say.
    So when i said that sure there are games behind closed door being shown, that doesnt mean i agreed on anything, that is a no brainer.

    No matter how you turn it around this turned to be bunch of bullshit.
    Disgea 4, Ar Tlenico 3 and even LOD2 are no brainers, you know those will happend sooner or later.
    i can say that Sony is working on Dark CLoud 3, does that meen i know something? Or at i just stating the obvious? We all know it will happen sooner or later, so when ever it happens, i was the first one to break the story, ok?
    O and SE is working on FF15, you will see it eventually, you know in future. You heard it here first.

  47. Nuclear Sandwich September 24, 2009 @ 09:08


    White Knight Chronicles 2 (Even though we all know this already) and Resident Evil 5: Alternative.

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