Ubisoft Releasing Asphalt: Injection for PS Vita

If you were excited yesterday for news of Dungeon Hunter Alliance getting it pre-PS Vita release date, then you are in for even more goodies as Ubisoft continues to set up games to launch before the Vita itself, in order for gamers to have a library when the system launches.

If you love racing games, then Asphalt: Injection will scratch that itch perfectly. Presenting gamers with up to ten game modes from the traditional Race mode to games influenced by games such as Need for Speed and Burnout such as Cop Chase and Beat ‘Em All. It also boasts local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer via WiFi.

Asphalt: Injection also offers six different control schemes that utilize the dual analogue sticks and both rear and front touch screens. Players will also be able to enter a Live Area screen and see what cars their friends have, tracks they’ve unlocked, and more, all using the PS Vita’s unique social features.

Thanks to Ubisoft, the PS Vita’s launch date is looking sweeter and sweeter by the day.

[Source: Playstation Blog]