Valve: Sony “great to work with” on cross-platform games

The working relationship between Valve and Sony has come a long way since Gabe Newell used to say all of those really mean things about the PlayStation 3, and has only gotten sunnier and rosier as time passes.

Recently, Portal writer Chet Faliszek had nothing but great things to say about the way Sony handled cross-platform multiplayer for Portal 2 and the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He called the company “really helpful,” and continued to say that ”

they’ve been great to work with on that stuff; they’re really open to that idea. They think of it kind of like we do: we’re gamers, we don’t think ‘platform’.

“Like, I own all the platforms, and I’ll play games on whatever. I just want to play. And they’ve been really helpful that way.”

A Valve employee drawing positive comparisons between his company and Sony? That’s definitely encouraging news.

Source: Destructoid