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  1. dude, your nerds… get a gf and a life lool!

  2. Is #5 Cloud Strife? Just throwing something out there.

  3. That’s a terrible Samus costume. I saw one that was a hundred times better, and she had a few variations on it too. Corrupted and Zero Suit.

    And here she is with the Mario (and a dozen other Nintendo characters) voice actor:

  4. nawoa: great Samus links!

  5. 7 was awful. Simply awful.

  6. #5 is “Whip” from King of Fighters? She is wearing a military outfit, and has a bullwhip on her shoulder, and licking her finger like her win pose. But this cosplayer is blonde not redheaded…

  7. Turks fail for having black instead of navy suits

  8. This list is complete and utter bullshit; PikminLink wasn’t on here, and she is AMAZING at cosplaying. You fail. <3

  9. Vanille and Lightning are awfull!


  11. thomas kavanagh November 7, 2011 @ 14:14

    breathtaking and makes me speechless… Amazing work

  12. Impressive! When’s this sensation going to expand properly beyond the East? We can only hope and wait!

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