Worst Movie to Game Adaptations Ever

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Number 3: Total Recall

After watching the trailer above, you probably couldn’t imagine this game toppling Cliffhanger, right? Wrong. Total Recall was nothing shy of a joke and nothing more than a complete disaster. Hit detection and physics may have been able to save this game if it were created within the last three to four years, but since it wasn’t, this game played host to some of the most ridiculous events ever witnessed.

Now, anyone who has seen the movie can probably confirm that it included nothing more than a bunch of like-colored midgets jumping back and forth over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character until the end, right? If not, then we can’t figure out why this video game is filled with nothing but that type of action. We also can’t figure out how Arnold is capable of being as limber as he is in this iteration of his life.

Regardless, only two games in history deserve to be classified worst than this one and we’re about to let you know what those are!

Number 2: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Surprised, right? I’m sure most of you are sitting there thinking: “These guys didn’t have this at #1?” To be fair, you’d probably be right in thinking that this is by far the worst game ever made, let alone the worst movie-to-game adaptation. Unfortunately, we’ve played a game that takes E.T. out to pasture and puts it down and out of its miserable existence.

A lot of the determining factor between this and our number one title was that E.T. was developed in six weeks and could be given just a slight bit of leeway. However, the number one title was given a decent development size and was also a major motion picture with high profile names leading the cast.

Everyone knows what E.T. is, but nobody knows what the hell is going on in this trailer below. If you do, please let us know in the comment section because we’re lost.

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Number 1: The Golden Compass

Metacritic Review Averages: 41 (360), 40 (PS3), 26 (PC), 28 (PSP), 43 (DS), 35 (Wii), and 46 (PS2). Incredible, right? These numbers should verify that this game is deserving of the #1 worst movie-to-game adaptation title at every level imaginable. Furthermore, a ton of sites (myself included) wanted to give The Golden Compass a review score of “0” when it released, but weren’t allowed to since the game could at least turn on!

This game was repetitive and felt like a QTE experience masked by subpar visuals and a system that just didn’t work. Errors could be made easily due to the shoddy camera (not a problem with E.T.!) and anyone who played more than 4 hours of this game has reportedly killed themselves (We’re not sure how accurate this fact is!).

Sadly, we couldn’t find a lot of terrible gameplay footage of this one because I’m guessing nobody bought it. We did find one that does demonstrate how poor the title is in general, but it doesn’t do the game justice in terms of how bad it really was/is.

Readers Comments (6)

  1. I remember enjoying Minority Report for a bit but you’re right, it was basically the same thing over and over again lmao

    Best games to come out alongside a movie were the Punisher and Spiderman 2 both for the PS2.

  2. No wonder I see The Golden Compass for less than $9.99 in most bargain bins! 😛

    I’ll have to give it a try just to see how bad it is. By the way, you forgot Charlie’s Angels and Superman 64.

  3. Oh, and I actually found Balls of Fury to be hilarious in an incredibly stupid way.

  4. Foodforthought October 25, 2010 @ 16:44

    LOL. The Golden Compass was the only one of those games I’ve completed – I played it for over four hours and have to say its easily the worst movie-game tie-in of my collection. Not the worst game I own, no. Not quite.

  5. i gues goldeneye and charlies angels dident make it on the list

  6. In defense of E.T. all Atari games were pretty bad. There were a handful of good ones, but there was so much garbage released on Atari, movie games included, that I always found it strange that E.T. got all the bad press. Raiders Of The Lost Ark was almost the same game as E.T. as far as gameplay goes, and it was just as bad. I can’t believe one of the replies thought Goldeneye should be on the list, that game is a classic. It was so loved that they just re-released it on the Wii.

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