Activision is more lenient than we think

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Bizarre Creations, the development team behind the upcoming release Blur, has come to the defense of Activision amidst the recent hate that has fallen upon the publisher. Apparently, while most of us believe that Activision’s main goal in milking money from its consumer is to release key franchises as often as possible, Bizarre Creations feels it isn’t like that at all.

Speaking with CVG, co-lead designer Gareth Wilson let it be known that Activision was more than helpful when the team requested more time for its title.

“You hear a lot of horror stories about Activision being this publisher that just churns shit out, but they certainly weren’t like that for us,” co-lead designer, Gareth Wilson told CVG. “They were great. Really, really good.”

He explained: “[Last year] we were having to make compromises to hit the release date – we really wanted to expand on the mods, improve the visuals, get the splitscreen stuff looking really good, make the power-ups ace… and we just weren’t there.

“We went to Activision and said: ‘We don’t think the game’s up to our quality level.’ It was totally shippable – it was OK – but we would’ve like to have had more time. They went, ‘OK’… which was great.”

While this may be the case for the team at BC and Blur, it doesn’t seem like that is normal practice for Activision as a whole. When you look at how glitch-field and buggy games have released in the past from the company, you’d almost believe that they were hitting shipping dates regardless of the products current shape.

Do you guys think we have Activision pegged all wrong?

Readers Comments (9)

  1. They could have been payed to say this or maybe they are just sucking upt to Activision but I don’t know.. Do I think we have Activision pegged wrong ? God no

  2. You could definitely make the argument that Bizzare has more clout than some of the other devs under Activision’s umbrella, what with the success of PGR and Geometry Wars.

    Looking at Tony Hawk: Ride, which wasn’t handled by Neversoft like most of the previous games, they obviously didn’t get all the time that they probably wanted. I think someone on the dev team even said that most of the time was spent refining the board (which is a great peripheral, mind), but didn’t have any time to iron out the software that it was supposed to work with.

  3. So Activision is lenient ONCE, Big whoop. Besides, this could have been done to improve people’s opinions of them. They are STILL the biggest abomination of gaming.

    Although I have to say, Blur is pretty awesome. After trying the beta, I’m sure they could ship it as-is and I’d buy it (well, if it weren’t Activision publishing it).

  4. this is a lie they got paid look MW2 its shit and they refuse 2 fix it we all know this is bullshit

  5. nah i dont trust these guys….and even if this is true, it wouldnt let them off the hook just yet

  6. I don’t think you can trust a comment from someone who is paid by Activi$ion. Even if this was true, it’s one good deed after many bad ones.

  7. no, sertenetly not
    one or two good games do not neutrolise all of the badd ones

  8. will Blur be a good game ._.?

  9. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 March 11, 2010 @ 21:07

    No, Don’t buy BLUR. Just wait till Split Second comes out.

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