Apple Works icon spotted in Gran Turismo 5

Wait, what? In an eagerness to spot new icons in Gran Turismo 5’s HUD (is there a weather option in the race settings box?) an odd illegal alien has been caught. An Apple Works icon. Seeing is believing.

In between the Settings and Weather icons on the latest images of Gran Turismo 5’s HUD is an Apple Works icon. If this isn’t a placeholder image, what does it signify? GT5 is going to the Apple IPad? There’s Mac integeration? Sony and Apple have signed a deal to bring the PS3 racer and Mac together? Search us. You can find the evidence below, with further images in our Gran Turismo 5 screenshot gallery.

GT5 Evidence

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  1. Dont think Sony minds in MGS4 Snake had an iPod would be good business if they get iTunes integration

    • If they do go that way, they would only be doing it for extra security because of the hacking on playstation network a few months ago. Did anyone think, maybe they just use a mac to design the layouts? What about the fact that, like War Machine has stated

      “But AppleWorks stopped being developed years ago, Apple uses iWork now.”

      What about the mere fact your never sure on the details of the copyrights on the icon in question, so this really could belong to anyone.

      State some facts instead of allegations.
      Have a great day

  2. Apple Works is no more supported by Apple on Mac OS X… It’s a suite called iWork now.
    Anyway those UI icons looks ugly and not adapted to Gran Turismo.

  3. But AppleWorks stopped being developed years ago, Apple uses iWork now.

  4. so…..what does this mean? lol

  5. they really made an article about this? seems meaningless since MGS4 did even more with it

  6. I think the advertise with Apple in Gran Turismo 5 shows that Apple is sponsering the game and support the production of the game.

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