Augmented reality allows for Mortal Kombat at your local library

The upcoming Mortal Kombat release for the PS Vita plays very much like its older sibling on consoles, but it does come with exclusive content and new features to help sweeten the deal. Among those features is the ability to use the Vita’s rear camera to superimpose the game’s Kombatants into your surroundings via augmented reality. If you want some dubstep with that explanation, here’s a new trailer showing off the AR:

I’m so doing this whenever I have to pick up my nephew from kindergarten.

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  1. this vid put a big smile on my face
    and mc vita high on my wish-list

  2. what’s interesting in that video was the shot they DIDN’T show.

    Not a single show of the AR with the console in view. Any time you see the vita itself it’s on the game’s backgrounds. Because in real life the camera’s line of sight is going to be terrible for this. You’re not going to want to play a fighting game with “see thru” backgrounds. Let’s be honest about how we’re playing this thing. Most of the time it’s going to be pointed at our laps. You don’t play a handheld pointing outward. Even when you do.. you’re not going to have those lovely clear wide views to play in. Fighting games require speed and precision to be fun much less competitive. AR will work on games that are designed for it the see thru backgrounds are the definition of a gimick. I’d rather see a trailer where they showed I could play my own music. How about that little feature that noone ever wants to talk about?

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