Batman: Arkham City DLC issues arise, Warner offers solution

A number of Batman: Arkham City gamers in North America are reporting problems regarding the Catwoman, Joker and Robin DLC supposed to be included with certain orders.

Over on the game’s official forums customers are claiming that some copies either lack DLC, include a few too many codes for the same DLC, and even include some blank redemption cards.

Warner is aware of the issue it seems, issuing a quick message through the official Arkham City Twitter account. The publisher also told a Joystiq reader to provide the following during a customer service call:

  • Dated proof of purchase of a brand new copy of the game (not rented or used, or even purchased from eBay).
  • Xbox Live gamertag or PlayStation Network ID.
  • Email address (valid, we’re guessing).
  • A scan or digital picture of the game package and disc(s).
  • A scan or digital picture of the code sheet (both sides).

When the issue will be sorted we don’t know, but let’s hope European customers don’t experience the same problems when the game hits this Friday.

Readers Comments (3)

  1. Wow. Taking their screw up and then making their customers jump through hoops to correct it. What a crappy move by WB. They’re really worried about losing a few DLC sales at the expense of severely inconveniencing their customers.

  2. Fuck WB,gonna download this one.

  3. my catwoman dlc says its already been used …….probably spent more time trying to resolve this than playing the game…..complete bullshit…..fuck u wb for locking content alrady on the disc just to make a few more dollars on 2nd hand sales…..dont ring the number they tell u to ring unless your in the states as you get told that they cant deal with international customers and the email address may or may not be valid its just that they cant be bothered to reply……wankers

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