Battlefield 2143 hinted at in Back to Karkand DLC

Good news for Battlefield fans, bad news for Mirror’s Edge fans.

If the above image is anything to go by, it looks like the success of Battlefield 3 and EA’s aim to reclaim the FPS crown may be driving them toward releasing a sequel to the PC exclusive, Battlefield 2142.

According to, DICE is known for placing easter eggs in their games to tease future projects. The same happened with Battlefield 2: Euro Forces and Armored Fury. While those were only map packs, this new sequel still makes a bit of sense. Not only would it make 2142 fans rejoice, but it will bring back the futuristic shooter genre that is somewhat overshadowed these days. And with DICE’s recent track record, it’s safe to say that this game would be available across all consoles rather than PC exclusive.

Now, if this were true, that leaves the question of Mirror’s Edge 2. Will it come before or after? Is it even in development yet? Will DICE have two separate teams working on it, or will the helm be given to a different developer entirely?


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  1. I don’t care about Battlefield… I want more parkour action in Mirror’s Edge 2.

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