Battlefield 3 ships 10 million units, sells 5 million in first week

Gamers have been waiting for Battlefield 3 with bated breath, and first weeks sales aren’t just encouraging — they’re downright staggering. First week numbers have been crunched, and they’re sure to please the suits over at EA.

In just seven days of availability, EA has shipped 10 million copies of the game to retailers worldwide, with gamers more than happy to gobble up 5 million. Those numbers give the game the distinction of being the fastest-selling game in the publisher’s history, which is impressive considering the amount of copies of FIFA and Madden that they churn out on a yearly basis.

The game has also proven to be popular on social networks, with the game’s official Facebook page receiving over 2.5 million likes, and the official Twitter page surpassing 200 thousand followers.

After several years of total sales dominance, it seems that a worthy opponent has finally stepped into the ring against the Call of Duty juggernaut.

Source: Eurogamer, Xtreme Gaming 24/7