BioShock 2’s Little Sisters invade Australian aquarium

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The idea of living within Rapture sounds like a cool enough idea up until all hell breaks loose and you’ve turned yourself into an Adam addict, right? Unfortunately for Australia, it looks as though Little Sisters are invading one of their local larger aquariums and it’s only a matter of time until their Big Daddy’s show up to protect them.

In what I consider to be a very cool fashion shoot, 2K Games fan, Bianca, has brought their mischievous little icon to the real world in the form of cosplay. While not everyone is a fan of cosplaying, it goes without saying that this shoot is one for the ages. Just make sure you don’t mess with her, I heard her Big Sister is worse than her Daddy, oddly enough. The photos themselves were taken by Chris Pavlich.

We’ve included a couple below, but there are five in total. Feel free to check out the rest in our BioShock 2 gallery.

Readers Comments (24)

  1. Wait a minute, is that a real aquarium?. That shark looks “jaggy”. . . .

  2. This woman looks sick. Great pics thiugh

  3. Thats pretty cool. If I saw that, it would be one cool experience.

  4. yup its a real aquarium, same background with different fish. wouldnt it be cool to have an aquarium with rapture setting EA are u listening

  5. i wish i could have adam

  6. Oh, so it is real. Well, it’s really cool, but I insist: that shark looks “fishy” (LOL). . . .

  7. LOl looks pretty cool, like everyone said, the shark kinda looks fake.

  8. Dreamer, it’s bubbles of air on the shark.

  9. Yup. At first I though it was a green screen or somethin, but if you zoom in on this pic you can see the small scratches on the wall.

    Thank god for hdtvs.

  10. haha cosplaying ftw!!

  11. i hate cosplayers like that, they ruin the little sister
    >litte sister
    not big crack whore sister ,they’re supposed to be cute and creepy for godsakes

  12. “not big crack whore sister ,they’re supposed to be cute and creepy for godsakes”

    LOl how can they be cute yet creepy? I think the Cosplayer kind fits the role, except for the fact that this person is not small =/

  13. bear is clearly a pedophile LOL.

  14. It’s because the fish in the first pic isn’t a shark…..

  15. @bear: agreed
    @moocows111111: yes they can
    @fgasdgsdf: perhaps so
    @starburn: what are you talking about? that thing looks like a damn shark

    but no really, i dislike cosplayers who screw things up….and she doesnt look so creepy to me :\

  16. Moocows111111: they can be both at the same time.
    fgasdgsdf: 4u ;3

    But srsly though, it’s like with fat chicks, if you’re fat don’t cosplay a character that’s slim and wearing revealing clothing.

  17. Well…there are Big Sisters in the game…

  18. This would creep me out if I had no idea what it was lol. Weird but cool!

  19. @Patrick: big sisters =/= crackwhore

  20. shark does look a little unreal but never seen a real shark before so how would u know. also the camera with water may be at fault for making it look very jagged

  21. It is cool that they are bringing cosplay of Bioshock 2 into the Australian aquarium. The Australian aquarium fits well with the Bioshock 2 theme and it looks like they are supporting the Bioshock 2 game.

  22. The girl looks creepy and scary, nice pictures.

  23. B xxdaddy3ko 0wnez Pl0x May 26, 2010 @ 18:44

    eh Looks Creepy But Not To creepy lolz

  24. this would be cool, except the girl is big and ugly

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