Bioware Making Mass Effect 3 More Accessible to New Players

If you played Mass Effect 2 without playing the original first, you may have been a bit confused storywise. Even the refresher you got on the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 didn’t make the transition for new gamers very smooth. Well Bioware is ready to remedy that problem for new players entering Mass Effect 3.

Nick Clifford, Product Marketing for Mass Effect 3, told IGN in an interview that Bioware “didn’t do a really good job of new player orientation. If you didn’t play the first game then 2 was pretty jarring for the first half hour.”

Bioware is working hard to make Mass Effect 3 a game that new players can just pick up and play without any prior experience with the series. As Nick Clifford puts it, “If I’m a new player and some guy walks up to me and is like ‘Ohhhh Shepard! Remember that one time?’ I would be like ‘No. I don’t remember that one time.'” He said that Bioware “wanted to make sure that there aren’t those moments that the player is like, ‘Who is this? What’s going on? What are they talking about?'”

This is very good news to players hoping to jump right into Mass Effect 3 without having played its predecessors. How about you? Did you play the first two or are you new and diving head first into the third?

[Source: IGN]

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  1. I didn’t want to shell out $300 for a 360 to play the original so I jumped at the chance to play 2more on ps3. Platted the game and plan to get the Collector edition of 3 and plat it as well.

  2. Can’t wait for this game, just sucks that I have to deal with Origin to get it on PC though. I hate having my games in two separate clients…

    Also plan to run through both games again before this one comes out, if I have the time.

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