Brink’s Endless Horizon

Am I the only one balls out excited for Brink? The developers released yet another video diary today entitled “Endless Horizon” and I have to say, I’m even more stoked than before. The decision to change the game from a photo-realistic title like so many before it, and instead, mix it a little bit of toon to it all has made the game ridiculously good looking (like Zoolander). You definitely need to check this dev diary out.

I’ve included it below.

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  1. “You look at any screenshot of Brink, you know it’s Brink. it can’t be mistaken for anything else.”

    I reckon it looks a lot like the TimeSplitters games, personally. Higher resolution, obviously – but the style is very similar.

  2. I’m excited for Brink as well behind GT5 and KZ3 this is my most anticipated game

  3. nice, now i know all about what the game looks like, but nothing about the game itself
    can someone reply to me in what ive ben looking at for the past 3 minutes, what the game is, story, genre…

  4. This game looks awesome.

    @Reigen – It’s basically an FPS with free-running elements.

  5. Like very much. On my “must have” list.

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