Bungie could lead development on PlayStation 3

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Ever since Halo-studio Bungie signed with Activision, there’s been talk of the developer’s first PlayStation 3 outing. Bungie announced that its next game series will appear on “multiple platforms” with the PS3 certainly expected. The question is what platform the studio will lead development on?

As this generation of consoles continues developers are starting to pick the PlayStation 3 as their development console of choice. The main reason being that due to its specific hardware, porting from the Xbox 360 or PC to the PS3 is a tough job. Bungie may take that opinion with its new multi-platform IP. In conversation with our mates at CVG, Bungie’s community boss Brian Jarrard comments on the studio’s next game:

“We’re certainly excited about the prospect of being able to share our new stories and universe with an even bigger audience and bring it to different devices and platforms and create new and interesting ways for our fans to engage.

“It’s a little bit too early for us to say which console we’ll lead on. We’re going to exactly figure out what’s the right way to lead into our new universe and what’s the right way to extend it. It’s too early for me to say which console is going to be the first out of the gate.”

You might have spotted a new clarification there; the words “which console” were used and we don’t expect the studio to be leading development on the Nintendo Wii. Therefore, not only is a PS3 version confirmed, but Sony’s console may also be Bungie’s lead development platform — a wise decision.

Readers Comments (5)

  1. It’s good that they lead with the PS3. It’ll give them a chance to learn about its architecture and become better developers as a result. I think they want the challenge, developing for the 360 is probably way too easy for them.

  2. Moocows111111 May 12, 2010 @ 16:26

    Thing is they first need to know how to develop on the the ps3, it’ll take them awhile to learn all of that.

  3. the good about leading on the ps3: ps3 wont get once again fucked in the ass with a shity (probably wont since i respect what bungie has done with halo just saying they having done any multi plat games the gen)
    The bad: they are very familiar with the 360 meaning that their inexperience with the ps3 could mean a lesser title for the 360 personally i dont care either way it will be a great game.

  4. it will be a good business decision to lead on PS3, but its just a speculation at this point of time only time will tell.

  5. As much as I want Bungie to make PS3 their lead platform for games I just don’t see it happening.
    Guarantee you Xbox 360 will be the lead platform and then it’ll be ported to PS3/PC.
    Nintendo Wii on the other hand would need to have it’s own build from the ground up to support that hardware and motion controls.

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