Bungie pleads the 5th in regards to PS3 development

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It’s been nearly three years since Bungie and Microsoft split ways and the development team behind Halo became their own independently owned studio. Since then, the question has always remained, “Will Bungie ever develop a title for the PlayStation 3?”

Though no answer has ever been given and Halo Reach is due out exclusively in the Fall of 2010, it goes without saying that there is a strong chance Bungie’s next title could be multiplatform. When asked by CVG if they had plans to develop for the PS3, Bungie plead the 5th and side-stepped the question to an extent.

“I mean, I think our whole future’s kind of undefined right now and it’s definitely not something we’re going to be comfortable getting into too much detail about. We’ve had another team internally [other than those making Reach] for quite a while now – they’ve been working on the genesis of what will become our next big thing.

“It’s a little premature to get into specifics, but you know I think we have a really good mix of old blood and new blood in the studio.”

It should go without saying that any opportunity to receive a game developed by such a successful developer would always be welcomed by gamers of either console. However, it will be interesting to see how their next project plays out.

Do you guys have any interest in receiving a Bungie developed game for PS3?

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  1. I don’t care who makes the game as long as it’s a good game.That being said I could see a Bungie developed PS3 title creating a lot of drama.

  2. Bungie is a talented developer and they should put their talent towards all of the consoles.

  3. I don’t know. I mean yeah, Bungie is a great developer but really; what other games are out there from this guys that aren’t halo?.

    Still, any new IP that comes to ps3 from these guys would be cool.

  4. I lost interest in Halo after 2, but Halo Reach would be great on the PS3… One can only dream.

  5. they’re good devs so it would be cool yeah

  6. Makes me slightly happier. Still unsure if they will develop for the PS3, but I don’t see why not as long as they can find a Publisher, that might be the biggest problem. I love Halo and have the same creators of that make a game for the PS3 will make me jump on the bandwagon immediately.

  7. Bungie are super-talented developers that do great by their devoted community. I’d say this would be a good thing to bring to PS3.

  8. Bungie’s a good developer, and they care about their community and such but that doesn’t matter, as long as they are able to make an awesome game on the ps3 then Kudos to them. Besides they never programmed anything on the ps3 so it may turn out pretty bad.

  9. But I don’t know about another FPS on PS3. We already have Resistance and Insomnic, which are the equivelnt to halo and bungie on ps3.

  10. Resistance isn’t that good, at least not compared to Halo. A Halo game on the PS3 would be the best FPS on our system, imo.

  11. Killzone 2 iIS the best shooter on ps3.

  12. I would say CoD 4 is the best FPS on the PS3. It had a good story, good gameplay and great online. Killzone had good story, ok gameplay, not very good MP but had amazing graphics. A Halo game would take the MP and gameplay crown if on the PS3.

    Just my opinion though.

  13. Killzone 2 is a hella fun, its alot more intense the Cod 4 anyday, the only bad thing about KIllzone 2’s multiplayer is the ranking up.
    As well Halo is pretty generic, and as of now Mw2 has the crown of best MP despite its large sum of glitches and bugs, as well as its community problems.

  14. I think that Bungie might make a PS3 game after they finish up Halo Reach cause Bungie are great developers they might be able to make something great on PS3.

  15. im looking forward 2 this Bungie is a good dev team halo was OK the only thing i liked about it was FORGE simply the best mode in whole game. Online was WAY 2 laggy 4 me couldnt stand it anymore. But a new halo like shooter for ps3 EXCLUSIVELY would be awsome

  16. I don’t agree that Bungie are a great developer, I mean they haven’t proved anything Besides first Halo (follow ups were just hype bag), Cmon top MS Studio cant even utilize XBOX 360 (SUB HD res for HALO 3), I wouldnt be bother if they stay exclusive to ms, sony have great developers (ND, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, Santa Monica, Eat Sleep Play, Guerilla Games, Evolution, Zipper, Media Molecule, Slant Six games to name a few) and all these developers have proven track record so MS u can keep bungie with u.

  17. You say that Bungie are not great devs. They made one of the best FPS’s on a console, went on to create a game that is a phenomenon and is one of the best selling franchises ever. Bungie is a business and that is pretty much as good as it gets.

  18. talented developers but got lazy, if they go to PS3 they would need to step up and learn a shit load to properly make a game for the PS3

  19. yup i don’t agree bungie is a great developer, coz besides halo they have nothing that can prove their verstality, although i do agree MS has great marketing team which made halo franchise what it is. and for me golden eye tops the chart

  20. Depends on the game, if it’s Halo fuck it.

  21. Whoever thinks the Halo series is the best FPS is high. Nothing in the game makes sense. Moon jumping in normal gravity, regular ass shotguns somehow destroying futuristic shields and armor, bullets still being used in the 27th century (or whatever century it is), bullets and energy projectiles don’t penetrate shields but a melee to the back of the head does, the list goes on and on.

    Halo is a kid’s game, simple as that. Not to mention the AI is horrible in Halo. The AI in both Resistance and Killzone is amazing. Both truly adapt to the players gamestyle, especially Killzone’s AI. Also Resistance’s story is truly phenominal, and original. I mean how many games or movies have you seen or played that WE are the aliens/insects on our own PLANET!!!!

    Bungie can do whatever, it doesn’t matter because we already have top notch games on our system.

  22. i would like to see them make a new ip
    cuz i dont realy want to see the ps3 libary getting poluted with halo

  23. I would like a new game from bungie but not halo. Xbox can keep that very average game

  24. does anyone realise Bungie is Microsoft owned?

  25. @Shaggy:

    OMG, you didn’t even read the article’s very first line. . . . . .

  26. LOL @ Shaggy!!

    Bungie is independant now. Come on and read the damn article.

    If you guys think Halo is average, than every other game besides GTA, GT, and MW2, are peices of shit. Halo is one of the best selling games ever, how can that be shit. They brought FPS’s to consoles and perfected it and not every other devs uses that. So come on, they must have done something right.

  27. MS did everything right, hyped it

  28. LOL this means that they ARENT going to go back to the PS3 for quite some time (if they ever will)

  29. Halo on ps3? lol that would make the 360 fanboys shut up

  30. hope its not halo if they do decide to, we already have a sci fi shooter thats 100 times the talent than that game will ever be, and thats KZZ2

  31. @ARC – 1300 By KZZ2 u mean KZ2 and R2 or just KZ2

  32. Halo will never come to the PS3. That is impossible. Halo is owned by MS. It would have to be something new or something other than Halo.

  33. it is possible that a Pandora like world exists, But Halo on Ps3 will never happen

  34. Halo isn’t that great, its just a generic shooter, the first one was awesome, for the PC of course XD But yeah I think Taus is kinda right, I mean all Bungie ever really done was Halo, and what they did was kept the same stuff and improved the graphics, If you guys played Halo 1 on PC then you’d see that Halo 3 or ODST are surprisingly similar.

  35. Hey the more developers for the PS3 the better.

  36. @SonyJunkie

    Dude you are obviously high or a child. Halo was and will always be slightly above average.

    Also Bungie didn’t bring FPS to consoles. FPS has been on consoles far before Halo ever came out. Have you ever heard of GOLDENEYE? That was on the N64 man, way before Halo’s time…..same goes for a lot of other games.

  37. @O-EXTRA
    Yeah the first proper FPS on console was Wolfenstein 3D on 3DO and SNES, what bungie did was they took FPS to next level with “Pathways into Darkness” for MAC, but Halo was not the First FPS on console and bungie did not introduced FPS to console… well u summed up rest of the things

  38. Halo isn’t really anything, just alien guns and super high jumping, there isn’t any innovation in it, I believe Half life got the alien guns down part XD

  39. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 February 25, 2010 @ 20:45

    Is great to see Bungie or a Halo title come to PlayStation 3. which I think will never happen. we will see.

  40. A multiplatform from them would be great. especially for those of you who only have an xbox 360 or a ps3. i also think a ps3 exclusive would probably be even better, unless you only have 360. ps3 exclusives usually seem better to me than multiplatforms. with exclusives you won’t be weighed down by the hd dvd’s disk space.

  41. lol. i don’t really care for Bungie, Halo 1 was good, but I didn’t care for the other Halos but this would be funny if they are making a multi-plat game, or even better, a ps3 exclusive, that would be hilarious

  42. “If you guys think Halo is average, than every other game besides GTA, GT, and MW2, are peices of shit. Halo is one of the best selling games ever, how can that be shit. They brought FPS’s to consoles and perfected it and not every other devs uses that. So come on, they must have done something right.”

    Someone doesn’t remember Goldeneye. or Perfect Dark for that matter..and just cause a game sells good, does not mean it’s a good game. for instance..Modern Warfare 2 nuff said.

  43. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 February 27, 2010 @ 13:59

    Imagine Bungie, Infinityward and Activision making a Call Of Duty game exclusively for the PlayStation 3

  44. “Someone doesn’t remember Goldeneye. or Perfect Dark for that matter..and just cause a game sells good, does not mean it’s a good game. for instance..Modern Warfare 2 nuff said.”

    Yeah i truly agree, Golden Eye and Perfect Dark set FPS into consoles, not Halo.
    If the quality was dependent of the sells of a piece of electronic then why hasn’t the 360 become as powerful as the ps3? Why does the 360 need multiple discs to play a single game? It is because a good system and a good game, is not determined from the amount of sold products.

  45. If Bungie decide to create a multiplatform game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, then that will be great because they developed Halo: Reach, which will be a big seller on the Xbox 360.

  46. Well, Halo is an amazing MP game. If you say “It’s just above average” then well, that may be true. . . . . but the same can be said of every game depending on your taste.

  47. @Dreamer_Lion

    I agree that the Halo series is one of the best multiplayer games on the Xbox 360. Bungie will not disappoint with their new games because their past games have shown they can make good games.

  48. Bungie is awesome, but guys seriously, i don’t see what so special about Reach. I think its just Halo 3 with jetpacks.

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