Call of Duty Elite iOS app now available, Android app coming next week

For you hardcore Call of Duty fans and Elite users, good news: the long-awaited iOS app is available on the App Store now, and Android users can expect it next week. Huzzah!

For those out of the loop, the mobile app offers much, but not quite all, of the functionality present on the Elite web page. It allows users to check their stats, challenges, recent matches, and even customize loadouts, all on the go. The apps were initially set to be released soon after Modern Warfare 3 launched, but overwhelming server loads pushed it back for an indefinite amount of time.


I like the growing trend of companion apps for games. Not too long ago an interactive map for Skyrim called Dragon Shout was released, allowing players to keep track of where things are in that massive world. I wouldn’t mind seeing a B-Spec app come out for Gran Turismo 5, at least.

Source: One of Swords