Little Deviants dev Bigbig Studios shut down, Cambridge division restructured

We couldn’t get through the day without some bad news — it seems that Sony have shut down Bigbig Studios, developers of PS Vita launch title Little Deviants and PSP games such as MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Pursuit Force. Sony said that the closing will allow them to focus “on other Studios that are currently working on exciting new projects.”

Also facing changes is Sony’s Cambridge division, which will now partner with Killzone Guerilla Games. They will likely work on bringing Killzone games to the PS Vita, but unfortunately they will be doing so in a downsized capacity. The studio was responsible for the well-received PSP port of LittleBigPlanet.

Unfortunate news, to say the least. Here’s wishing them the best in finding new work.

Source: GamesRadar, Develop