Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to receive sequel

Last week, Konami published the next awaited title in the Castlevania franchise, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, to critical acclaim and somewhat mixed user response. While most thought the game was very well developed, many hardcore fans of the franchise felt it wasn’t the Castlevania they grew to love. Despite that, the success that Konami has already seen from LOS has been encouraging enough for Konami to green light a sequel as well.

Today, one of the composers of the game’s soundtrack let it be known that Mercury Steam is hard at work developing the sequel to LOS. He let this info out of the bag while talking to Eurogamer Spain about Konami’s requests as to what the second soundtrack should sound like.

Oscar Araujo said that Konami was looking for a more “aggressive” soundtrack that felt “rougher” than the last. The publisher is looking to push the “effeminate” feel that the older titles provided.

If you’ve had the chance to check out Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, let us know what you thought below.

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  1. ugh, why?
    No offense to anyone that likes LoS, but I see it as a butchering of the Castlevania name.

  2. This was in so way shape or form a Castlevania game. Just because it had some vampires and a castle does not make it Castlevania. They had nothing that made it a Castlevania game. No elegance, no music, no paintings, no candles. The essence was lost. All Castlevania games had some sort of elegance to them. Everything was already destroyed in this game every where go went it was all ruins.

  3. It didn’t feel like genuine Castlevania game. That being said, I enjoyed the demo.

  4. How was that a Castlvania game? How is it possible for a sequel? Remember how the game ends? Does anyone know if the story is part of the series? I ask because of Lament Innocenes and how the Vampire Killer was created in that game. I didn’t like the story of Lords of Shadow at all. The developers ruined the series. The game had no identity. It felt like God of War and Shadow othe Colossus. The one thing that made me hate the game more was the music. No Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears or remix was used in the game. I can’t explain how ridiculous the story was( I don’t want to spoil it).

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