Crazed BioShock 2 Fan Creates Insane Big Sister Cosplay

Earlier this year, we revealed to you how fans of the original BioShock took to the aquarium to unveil Little Sisters unlike ever before. Now, with the release of BioShock 2, it’s only fitting that fans of the franchise continue to take that love a step further with the reproduction of their own rendition of Big Sister. If you haven’t had the chance to check out our Little Sister collection, feel free to check it out here.

In fact, we’re not sure which is even better, the Little Sister production below, or the Big Sister production you can continue on reading to check out further.

With Halloween approaching, many people are mulling over ideas for what to wear to parties, events, or just for the kick of the holiday. To appreciate those who put hard effort into making fantastic costumes, we’ve decided to feature a costume that was inspired with Bioshock in heart. The Big Sister, designed by Jeremy Jones of Seattle. You can check out ALL of his Big Sister images here.

A project that started over seven months ago is finally reaching its last stages of completion. Speaking with PSuni, Jones explained how long the process took.

“I’ve been working on the Big Sister costume since March,” he said.

“The helmet itself took me up to late August, then I started the leatherwork and fabrication for the rest of the suit. October 10th, was the first day I was albe to put everything together and the costume on in completion minus some details such as the leg braces, little sister basket, and more metal work on the leather parts to turn it more Bioshock and less BDSM.”

Turns out knowing how to design the costume is just one part of making it. Having the materials, time, and money to fund such a project comes in handy as we learned from Jones.

“Lots of the materials for the costume were recycled which kept the costume down such as scrap leather and re-claimed conduit and plumbing hardware,” Jones said.

“The buckles, fiberglass supplies, expanding foam, and paint were the things to add up fast cost wise. Since I do a lot of automotive work on my own as a hobby, I had a lot of tools and supplies already on hand working to my advantage. it wasn’t cheap by any means but surprisingly less expensive to make in a monitory sense.”

So what led to making such a bad ass costume? Competition and love for the game.

“When my friends saw a few Big Sister costly costumes at Sakura Con this year they didn’t believe I could do one better; I took this as a challenge,” Jones said.

“I LOVED Bioshock (original). I was going through very tough times in my life during its release and Bioshock’s story, twists, and gameplay kept me enthralled and healthily distracted. To this day, nothing has come close to touching the plot line of that game. Bioshock 2 was a great game, the plot was “OK” but the Big Sister was a fantastic addition. It seemed a lot of people had made Big Daddy costumes, not so many with the Big Sister costumes. The few I found were well done but I thought I could take it a step further and am very satisfied with it’s turnout.”

I’m sure any fan of Bioshock will appreciate the time and effort that went into this awesome costume. We’d like to thank Jeremy again for everything he has provided us and for all his hard work. Keep in mind, Irrational Games is working on a third entry to the Bioshock franchise, Bioshock Infinite. Although, we have a long ways to go before we get our hands on that as it’s currently set to release sometime 2012.

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  1. Wow! That’s awesome! I like how some of the stuff says “Property of Rapture” haha.

  2. That helmet piece is the shit!

  3. pretty detailed. Good work.

  4. Me want!

    Was this made for Halloween or for cosplay conventions?

  5. It wasn’t made for one event in particular, I don’t know if I’d sell it but feel free to PM me and we can chat!

  6. Really cool costume

  7. thanks, Good work

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