Crazy Girl Smashes Lazy Boyfriend’s PS3

Been playing your PlayStation 3 too much while your girl lies alone in bed? Watch out, she might just bring a hammer to your beloved console.

In the following video, watch the wrath of a young girl, fed up by her boyfriend playing his PlayStation 3 until the early hours of the morning.

The question is whether the video is a set up. If it’s real, their performances seem a little contrived. If the video’s a fake, their acting isn’t of the highest calibre.

And another thing. The bloke is playing Ghostbusters on his PS3…no offence to Terminal Reality, but this fellow kind of deserves his PS3 to be destroyed. Enjoy.

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  1. TheCodeNameisSnake December 2, 2009 @ 07:26

    Imma have to call shenanigans on this one,but was still funny as hell!

  2. Well, he had it coming! I would love to be the girl’s boyfriend to be honest! She’s pretty and knows what she’s doing and has her priorities set straight! Good for her!

  3. What stuck out to me was hearing the sticks being rattled around. Not the clicks from the sticks you’d normally hear when someone is playing a game like ghostbusters. (yeah, I admit I played it….kinda liked it….LOL) After the patch, the graphics were pretty on par with 360.

    Seriously, you’d have to be an idiot to smash a $300+ console while complaining about someone not bringing in money. Its like burning the bed because someone sleeps in it too much, or busting the TV because its watched too much, or the oven for cooking too much. Okay, the oven example is stretching.

  4. DeadlyAnGeL91792 December 2, 2009 @ 08:36

    LOL now i know how the xbots felt when there console was gunned down by marines…poor guy well atleast now he gets to buy himself a new one.

    ( i probably would pimp slap my girlfriend if she ever tried something like that)

  5. she need some loving in bed room that y she piss off lol thank god my gf love video game

  6. aaaaahhahahahahahahaha nice that dude need to fuck her more often lol man guys u have to take care of ur guir first man wen she go to sleep then u play games thats what happend and she sed that he dont even have a job thats so rong i guest he diser it 🙂

  7. *cough* Viral advertisement alert *cough*

  8. Viral advertisement for what exactly?

  9. Hey, I enjoyed the hell out of Ghostbusters!

  10. I always said that I wouldn’t hit a female…. I’d beat the hell out of that girl..

  11. ShurikenSpammer December 2, 2009 @ 13:51

    Fuck I’d rather do womens jobs like cooking and cleaning, more time on PS3 😀 I hate jobs, they suck donkey balls.

  12. i played until late morning a fev times when i played games like killzone2, gta4, uncharted2 or making levels on lbp
    but gostbusters? no its fake

  13. WTF is wrong with you guys making the girl look bad, if the guy as on his ps3 all day and orders his girl to get him a dronk like that then he deserves it.
    If my girl was playing gams for about 4hrs everyday i would be pissed and get her to sort it out, its called having your priorities straight.

  14. There’s another recent video of a hot girl smashing her boyfriends Xbox 360 with a hammer I think. This didn’t seem as fake. The video Im talking about was uploaded on Collegehumor, probably on Youtube now.

  15. LOL!!! The guy is a loser. He should make out with his girl first before playing.

  16. @morganator:

    Fuck that. That was a very inappropriate way of dealing with the issue. If you were my girlgriend Morgantor and you did that, I would dump your bitch ass and sue you to pay for that since you stupidly got it on video as evidence.

  17. you make me sick for bashing Ghostbusters. It’s a great game. Sleeper hit of the year for me. Great writing, great acting, great gameplay, great graphics. I don’t know how you can bash it. It’s a must have for ANY gamer who’s a fan of the movies.

  18. …my guess, she’s able to break it because she wasn’t the one purchasing the ps3… lol she’s cute..!

  19. Im sorry but if u leave a hot girl like that in your bed alone,you need to get your PS3 smashed.

  20. If I was that guy i would’ve just said im sorry…then i would take her to the bedroom and fuck. then at the moment she least expects it i would ram it in her ass. then i would steal her money, creditcards and whatever else and go buy myself a brand new one and any other game besides ghostbusters!

  21. ghosbusters! ha lmao

  22. Why is she with that guy in the first place if she knows he’s a loser. She’s an idiot with too much self righteous attitude. Pretentious drama queen.

  23. I wish a bitch would

  24. LarryL – I don’t mean to make you feel sick. The PS3 port was pretty shoddy though, hence the comment. You can read my thoughts on the game at the end of this review:

  25. The amount of failed relationship tips here are horrible… lol

  26. While I do agree that the guy should have paid a little more attention to his girlfriend, SHE also has to remember: (1) She knows where he’s at (2) She knows what he’s doing (3) She knows who he’s with. How many gfs can say the same?

  27. Famous words of Kanye….”I never hit a bitch, but i’d shake the SHIT out of her”..(Bittersweet Poetry)

  28. What do you mean the PS3 version was a shoddy port? It actually had the better particle effects and lighting. And the lower resolution problem was fixed in a patch. Since you write article on a video game site, you should be better informed on these matters.

  29. And Jared…..those are famous word from Chris Rock, not Kanye. Don’t credit the words of a comedy genius to a musical moron.

  30. :,( that poor playstation (and guy that is now playstationless)

  31. What the hell is wrong with her! Breaking a playstation3 for no fucking reason! If my girlfriend did that shit to me……………………, I’d hurt her soooooooo bad her parents Won’t even recognize her and then i’d sue her so bad she wont even be able to buy a pack of gum. Seriously……….. as a playstation owner, No matter how hot my girlfriend is, she will be gone from sight, oh also as a marine private first class i would get my vulcan minigun would go up her ass. I guess she had a reason, but seriously………………………….!

    • i agree with you on some parts i would put hands on her and ochoo DAT HOE!!!(MEANS TO HEADBUTT THE SHIT OUT OF HER AND KNOCK HER OUT) AND WOULD HAVE JUST BEEN SAD

  32. what a crazy whore >:(

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