Crossover fighting games that should (but won’t) happen

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Marvel vs. Capcom. Super Smash Bros. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. OK, maybe not so much the third one. However, the existence of these games has proven time and time again that gamers love a crazy-ass crossover fighting game every now and then, and we’re certainly no different. These games bring out the dork in all of us, finally answering the pressing schoolyard question of who would win in a fight between characters that would otherwise never meet. With Marvel vs. Capcom series getting its long-awaited third entry, we started thinking: what other wacky crossovers would we like to see?

We’re just dorky enough to come up with some answers.

Def Jam vs. WWE

Rappers love wrestling, sometimes even guest hosting WWE events. Some wrestlers think they can rap, and, well, let’s say the results are less than good. Point is, the two demographics interact way more than you may initially think and feature all sorts of outlandish characters. So while licensing issues make this one a bit difficult, it’s not totally farfetched to think such a game could exist in the (distant) future. Would it use the Def Jam engine or the SmackDown vs. Raw engine? It’s hard to say, as they’ve both made for outstanding games in the past.

Instead, here’s a better question: Why aren’t we mud-stomping into John Cena’s chest as Young Jeezy, or piledriving Kanye West through a flaming table with The Undertaker right damn now? Can we have this game yesterday?

SoulCalibur vs. Ubisoft

Hey, stop laughing! This will all make sense in a minute. As much sense as you can make out of these crossovers, anyway.

Now, Star Wars was initially thrust into the fray here after three characters found their way into SCIV, but really, how many different ways can you make a lightsaber-wielding Jedi or Sith fight? Giving more thought to this, Ubi’s lineup of characters made much more sense considering how weapon-heavy SoulCalibur’s combat is. Jade from Beyond Good & Evil could definitely hold her own, but the big guns would definitely be Altair and Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed series, along with the Prince of Persia. All have proven to be worthy combatants with plenty of melee or sword-fighting experience.

Ooh, and let’s not forget the license that Ubisoft refuses to use in any interesting way. That’s right, kiddies, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! TMNT alone gives you at least six different characters with their own distinct weapons, and I’m already way too excited about how this nonexistent game would turn out. Let’s just move on before we start spamming Ubi and Namco with creepy and obsessive emails.

Tekken vs. Sony

So Namco Bandai sold Tekken out to multiplatform release with the sixth main entry in the franchise; big whoop. Just let Rich Uncle Sony leave a dump truck full of cash at NB HQ and see how quickly they start working on this game. As the fighting franchise most devoted to cutting edge graphical tech, it just makes sense for Sony’s machine.

There certainly isn’t a shortage of characters on Sony’s side: Kratos, Nathan Drake, Cole from Infamous… hell, let’s throw in the more cartoony bunch, too. Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Ape Escape monkeys, Sackboy could all make the cut. It certainly wouldn’t be more ridiculous than fighting bears or kangaroos, so why not?

Obviously, these three ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. We know we can’t be the only ones that think of weird crap like this when we should be paying attention in class or at work. Why not share some of your fantastical showdowns in the comments below?

Readers Comments (9)

  1. Soul Calibur vs. Ubisoft sounds cool, but that’s the only one of the bunch I think I’d like.

  2. WHAT?!?! No Marvel vs. DC?!? This is an outrage!

  3. @ bigo this is that will never happen… that is possible

  4. Why is it impossible?. You seem to be forgeting that we have seen Marvel vs DC comics in the past so, the idea of a videogame is not that far out.

    Sure, to make a game like Marvel vs DC happen involves a lot more than just fans asking for it.

    Anyways, how about Disney vs Mortal kombat? lol. More seriously though, you think we’ll see mickey in MvsC3?. The black hooded, kingdom hearts 2 outfit would be really nice in the game xD

  5. nah ill have to say

    Marvel v Capcom v Square Enix v Sony v Tatsunoko v SNK v Nintendo v Shonen Jump v Konami v Fullmetal Alchemist (although they are kind of under Square Enix anyways)

    perhaps in a MvC type of game or a party game like Smash Bros will do

    ^if the above happens……………………………….i might just extract my left testicle and send it to the devs……

  6. @Dr. Moogle — If you did that, the devs wouldn’t make games anymore, lol.

  7. Sony Vs Microsoft !

  8. @Joe: well just one big ass collaboration for old times sakes? just once you know?

    THAT WOULD BE EPIC….and be on all systems lol…even the DS……of course some consoles would have to sacrifice some things but still…….come on, a horse (from Petz: Saddle Club) vs Kratos would be awesome LOL

  9. One word: Mugen

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