Crytek: Crysis 2 will push the PS3’s limits

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Graphical ceilings are awesome when it comes to consoles and while it took developers nearly 5-6 years to reach that plateau for the PlayStation 2, Crytek is claiming that Crysis 2 will push the limits of that very ceiling on the PlayStation 3. It sounds highly unlikely to be true as many developers have claimed to push the limits of the console in the past, but it’s something interesting to think about.

With the recent success of exclusives such as Uncharted 2 and the graphical prowess behind it, it’s hard to imagine a better looking game, though that’s exactly what Crytek plans to unleash.

“With each generation of game titles on PS3, usually every 2 years, the games improve significantly in its quality, mostly showing off in graphics,” Glück told Play Magazine. “I think with Crysis 2 you will see the quality bar being set at a very high level that games will struggle to excel. We’re aiming to set a whole new benchmark with that game for all PS3 games.

“Still with an AAA title shipped on PS3, you get the chance to improve further, so the next game developed with CryEngine 3 after Crysis 2 on PS3 will not be worse and rather be more polished and have higher quality in all areas. However, it is unlikely to see a major improvement in graphics as we try to not cut any graphical feature and rather optimize it until it becomes feasible. So I expect more density of game elements, physic effect, more interaction, but the major graphics quality will not be significantly improved.”

True or not, Crysis 2 should be an amazing experience for consoles gamers world wide. Crytek also released the world premiere trailer last night as well. Feel free to check it out here if you haven’t already.

Readers Comments (11)

  1. Awesome! Cant Wait! 🙂

  2. Okay, so it looks good. But what about gameplay? I have a feeling it’s gonna suck.

  3. @Fuzzywuz If the most recognizable feature of a game is the graphics, then it can’t do very many other things right.

    I don’t get excited anymore when a dev says they are maximizing the PS3’s power. Everyone says it.

  4. This being a multiplatform game, ill believe it when i see it. I don’t see how this is possible unless they ditch the “we want to make games fair and equal across all platforms” nonsense and go all out with the PS3.

    So far i call this bs. But my mind can always be changed

  5. sssssssooooooooooo how is the this gonn be for the 360?

  6. Naah, I don’t buy it. Killzone 3 will be out by that time and besides, games like Uncharted 2 or God of War III (Even killzone 2 for that matter) show how amazing graphics the ps3 can display right now.

    It’s not just about raw graphical power, art direction has a great impact too.

    Anyways, I haven’t played any Crysis game before so my judgment is a little bit clouded.

  7. Crysis pushed PCs to death for years… so why not PS3? 🙂

  8. Pushing the limits of the PS3? Hmm….I feel as if I heard that before. I will believe it when I see it.

  9. Moocows111111 April 8, 2010 @ 09:55

    “sssssssooooooooooo how is the this gonn be for the 360?”

    I agree, even though the 360 has a better graphics card then the Ps3, the Cell is better, as well, you need a high capacity of memory to produce the number of polygons and textures. As we all know the 360 only has DVD-9 which holds about 8.5 Gb of space where as BLu-Ray is around 25 GB to 50 GB. My guess is that the 360 is probably going to get a gimped version of Crysis 2. But seriously a Mltiplat thats going to possibly beat Uncharted 2? Seriously. Remember what DICE said about Battle Field: Bad Company 2? Its just a way to push sales.

  10. They better push the ps3 to the limits and not make it the same as the xbox counter part. About time multiplatform games used what is available for the ps3 and not just resulting to poor ports with xbox standards

  11. From a 3rd party perspective Crysis 2 will take PS3 to the limits but to max it Crysis 2 would need to be exclusive not multiplatform where they have to dumb it down so it can run on Xbox 360.
    Then again it’s also dumbed down on PC due to the PS3/360.
    No game platform is maxed in this regard.

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