David Jaffe confirms DLC for his new project

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Do you still have no idea what David Jaffe’s next game will be? That doesn’t matter, the legend has still confirmed DLC for his title. This is a very promising hint that Twisted Metal’s sequel may be in development after all as it would be quite easy to create new characters and vehicles for DLC in a game world such as that one.

Speaking on the latest Bonus Round, Jaffe had this to say:

“We absolutely will be doing DLC with our new game. But our new game, while it does have a story, that’s just not really sort of where its heart and soul is.”

It almost sounds too much like Twisted Metal, doesn’t it? We all know TM didn’t really have a story and that the meat and potatoes of the game was always within its gameplay style. Hopefully Jaffe will finally confirm this at E3.

Readers Comments (12)

  1. VofEscaflowne March 29, 2010 @ 09:46

    I absolutely hate it when developers announce DLC for a game that still hasn’t been released or even worse in this case, a game we don’t even know about. To me it sounds like they’re leaving stuff out because they know they can profit from it later on. If they have these ideas prior to release, THEN INCLUDE IT IN THE GAME. But of course they are a company and think nothing but $$$.

  2. @VofEscaflowne He didn’t announce specific DLC. He just said he plans on working to develop DLC.

  3. ^^ What ? He obviously means they will be making DLC after the game is out ! It’s not like they are making the CLC now and are going to hold it back to rip people off . This ain’t Dragon Age .

  4. I really hope this game is in fact Twisted Metal, as I’ve never played Twisted Metal before.

  5. VofEscaflowne March 29, 2010 @ 10:50

    I know that he didn’t announce specific DLC but it still irks me when they discuss it before a game is released when it’s content that could be put into the game you actually purchase at the store. Same for pre-order content and all that stuff, the latest one being Heavy Rain. It was a demo shown months before actually released but instead they charge you 5$ for a little segment that takes mere minutes to get through.

  6. yeah DLC should be after thought to extend the game play time but not a core aim in the development process. unless its free then make all the DLC you want but i doubt thats going to happen. Would love it to be twisted metal as it sounds kwl

  7. @VofEscaflowne They didn’t charge you $5 for a demo. The 5 dollars you give them is to guarantee you a copy of the game on day one AND it goes towards the purchase price. The demo was a free bonus. If all you wanted is the demo and were never planning on buying the actual game when it came out, you can usually get your money back easily and keep the free demo.

  8. VofEscaflowne March 29, 2010 @ 14:33


    Uh, actually it’s going up for sale on the PS store for 5$, that’s what I was talking about. I believe it’ll be available there on April 1st.

  9. @VofEscaflowne
    I thought you were talking about demo’s being given out as pre-order bonuses. You are talking about the DLC right? It was probably just not 100% ready so they shipped it without it . That’s usually the excuse anyways.
    The biggest offender to this is Capcom selling versus as DLC on resident evil 5. I am looking at XBL Marketplace and it says the file size is 2MB so its already on the disc, its just an unlock.
    Any game that releases DLC on the same day of release are not cool either.

  10. VofEscaflowne March 29, 2010 @ 16:55


    Actually I’m referring to it as a demo because it was the first playable version of Heavy Rain shown which is now known as The Taxidermist, given away as a pre-order incentive. It was obviously 100% ready because it was shown to the press at that time, many months before Heavy Rain actually released. They didn’t even bother redoing the scenes with Madison Paige’s whose voice actress is completely different from the one in the final game.

  11. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 March 30, 2010 @ 21:04

    Can’t wait for E3 2010!

  12. DarkMatter17 April 5, 2010 @ 08:41

    Maybe a new IP all together. No clue.

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