Dead Island developer Techland working on Mad Riders

Techland, developers of the recent zombie apocalypse title Dead Island, are shifting gears a bit. If you enjoyed tearing up paradise while on the run from zombies, hacking and slashing and pulverizing the undead, or desperately trying to survive becoming zombie chow, then get ready because Techland’s newest project is…nothing like Dead Island in the slightest.

Techland’s latest title is called Mad Riders, a downloadable off-road racing game coming to PSN, XBL, and PC. Ubisoft recently announced Mad Riders as well as confirming that it will be coming to the mentioned systems in spring 2012.

Mad Riders has the player racing around several off-road courses against several AI while pulling of tricks. The game will feature 45 different tracks and fully customizable vehicles. It will also feature 12-player online support across three game modes for some fun multiplayer gameplay.

Look forward to Mad Riders hitting the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and PC in the spring of 2012.

[Source: GameSpot]