Dyer: Our motion controller is easier to develop for than Natal

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Does anyone else feel as though Sony has finally gone on the offensive for once this generation? The past couple of years have usually consisted of Sony being dragged through the mud for its decisions and financial situations, but it seems those tides are starting to fully turn and Sony is doing what it can to help it.

Speaking with IndustryGamers, Rob Dyer, SCEA’s VP of Publisher Relations makes the claim that Sony’s motion controller set to release this Fall is easier to develop for than Natal; and thus, will result in more games for PlayStation owners everywhere.

“From a third-party perspective it’s easier to develop for, you can use the same code base that you currently use for PS3 or 360 or even the Wii in order to get a motion controller game out. You can’t do that with Natal. You have to have a completely separate code base and my feeling is that we’re going to have a lot more games, a lot more innovation – particularly with the camera and the precision – versus what you’ll have with Natal or the Wii. We can all sit around here and debate that… but the fact is I’m not having any trouble getting third-party support.”

And for those of you concerned that your console of choice will be overran with garbage shovelware like another console’s library consists of — you can relax. Dyer made sure to cover that subject as well.

“I can assure you that’s not what you’re going to see. The fact that we use a camera changes everything. I think the press has forgotten that Sony has been using a camera [for a long time]. This is now our second iteration of it. We know what the consumer wants with regards to using a camera and whether they want something in their hands or not. I think Natal will have some great games on that system that’ll work well without implements, and we’re going to have what we think are better games because we have a lot more learning from [the camera]. We’ve done this for a long time… it’s not our first foray into this business.

We have games that will address both the casual consumer and the core. This is not something we take lightly at all. We’re going to have games coming from third parties that are hardcore games – these are not fluff pieces – which will incorporate the motion controller. Given our tagline ‘It Only Does Everything,’ we feel the motion controller will only expand on that and give the consumer a great experience.”

Whether you want to file this under PR spin or not, it’s good to see Sony making a stand behind its product. Though I’m not sold on the motion technology as a whole (whether it be Wii, Natal or Motion Controller), for those of you who are, it sounds like you have a lot to look forward to.

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  1. Sounds true to me. Look at the Wii, games seem to be made on that all the time with no problem. Games are being made on the PS3 no problem, put them together and there seems to be no problems there. I also understand what he says about the 360, it is something completely new and MS has never done something like this before, where as the PS3 has had the eye forever, so they have that down, just added a motion controllers that is insanely popular now. I think this can be pretty big.

  2. I am. The thing about the PS3 is that it can be hardcore (KILLZONE 2, Warhawk, MGS4) and at the same time casual (High velocity bowling). High velocity bowling would be my prime example: I just bought it the other day and soon I had friends&family playing.

    The motion controller seems to expand that even further so yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.

  3. im glad the code base is the same so they can hopfully put the motion and normall version on the same disc.

  4. All they have to do is advertise the hell out of it. If the PS3 has a motion controller, then the people have to know about it. You get a motion controller, an HD media center and much more for a few bucks more than a Wii.

  5. Im certainly looking forward to the ps3 wand than natal. I want something in my hand end of story.

  6. “I want something in my hand end of story.” – Scottspeed


  7. The code is same so that means, we will be getting patch for previous games too… Super Stardust HD, PAIN etc…… and also relieved about the shovel ware and stuff.

  8. If we could get some third-party Wii games onto the PS3, I’d be SOOOOO happy. Red Steel (graphically boosted, of course), Red Steel 2, Madworld, House of the Dead, etc.

  9. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 February 23, 2010 @ 15:11

    Natal seems like an epic fail. Wonder what an bottom of an shoe of an avatar looks like? Well… WABAM!! I was like WTF?! Project Natal = EPIC FAIL…. Project Natal aka Project Anal

  10. ohhhhh yeaaaa cant wait till microsoft will lose all the money from natal

  11. obviously, natal takes up lie what? 30% of the 360’s power just to run it so dvs have to keep that in mind when developing. plus im sure developing games for controllers is much easier than the eye toy/ natal games.

  12. Just think: playing house of the dead without a gun is not nearly as fun as playing with either a gun or something ala wiimote.

    While I think the concept behind Natal is pretty cool, I don’t see any kind of game an actual gamer would like to play.

  13. @Dreamer_Lion

    ya but thats not nearly as fun as typing of the dead lol

  14. Seriously, the concept for Natal is indeed awesome, but its tech demo was a big failure, I saw glitches everywhere, Whereas the Sony’s “Arc” did way better, it was pure 1 to 1, and I’m glad that Sony chose to stand by its product because it is indeed the superior device.

  15. TheCodeNameisSnake February 23, 2010 @ 20:16

    i think sony is finally growing some balls and talking about the competition like their competition.If anybody wants to see my biased veiw on Natal and Ps3 M/C… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUlv1KKs2Tw

  16. really can’t judge whats not yet released, both of them potential on paper, Arc seems more practical than Natal, and we don’t have that much of a detail on Arc. It is really a bit difficult for me to see Natal succeed, price point would be a factor MS is not going to retail this below their Hard drive price. but again people will buy anything as proven by Xbots, replacing their faulty consoles multiple times

  17. hmmmm…maybe because the Arc is strikingly similar to the Wii????

    no, that cant be it /sarcasm

  18. “really can’t judge whats not yet released, both of them potential on paper, Arc seems more practical than Natal, and we don’t have that much of a detail on Arc. It is really a bit difficult for me to see Natal succeed, price point would be a factor MS is not going to retail this below their Hard drive price. but again people will buy anything as proven by Xbots, replacing their faulty consoles multiple times”

    Natal is going to succeed even though its going to be inferior motion tracker, because the Idea of using no controller at all is more appealing then something that resembles a wiimote. Sony’s Arc maybe more advanced and true 1 to 1 motion tracking but there are alot of…..idiots out there.

  19. @Dr. Moogle:

    That’s actually a really good marketing point. If they can sell it like “It’s like a WII. . . . but in HD” people would go nuts over it. More so, those that already have a PS3 but were not interested on buying a wii can play with full motion control now, which is a big win in my opinion.

  20. @moocows111111
    yeah thats what i am afraid natal succeeding because bunch of idiots who cannot distinguish between quality and piece of crap (PS3 and 360)

  21. @Taus90: LOL, that’s just a fanboy thought. Don’t go there. . . . .

    It’s 1 thing not seeing the videogame potential for Natal but it’s somethin’ completely different to call it crap without playing it first.

    BTW, go ps3!

  22. @dreamer_lion: hmm that actually is a good point…but i dont think that is a good idea on Sony’s point…saying they are an hd WII…it makes them seem like they arent letting Arc stand on its own feet and need the Wii to get people’s attention…

    @taus90: yeah, that was kind of a famboyish comment…because the same could PARTIALLY be said about the PS3’s Arc (as neither have been released yet). imo the PS3 is a better system and the Arc seems far more reasonable

    on the other hand, i think MS will go hardcore with the NATAL and try to get the word out about it to the masses…so i dont think MS will have a problem with marketing on their side. But Sony isnt always great at marketing (among other things i.e. PSPGo, The Tester), so i hope they take the right steps in getting the Arc out

    if all bodes well, the everyone will be all over the Arc….i just hope that it comes out with good games and whatnot…if so , ill get one myself

  23. @Dr.Moogle No the Natal will not go hardcore at all, it uses like 30% of the xbox’s processing power just to operate, Hardcore games probably will not have the power they need to play. Even Bungie says that they will not have Halo Reach being used with Natal, then they have a lame excuse for it, but the truth is, Natal would not be able handle a 8 Gb game.

  24. Easy or not, I’ll be surprised if either Natal or “Arc” will really catch on. Looking at the Wii with WiiMotion+, there’s really not much in development for it. Eye Toy for the PS2, not much support. Same can be said for the PS Eye this generation. Unless it’s included in the original packaging for the system itself, a developer will always be taking a risk when developing a game for a specific gaming accessory. Considering the financial trouble many developers seem to be in these days, why would they risk creating stuff for the Arc when they can just make a game with the original control in mind and immediately be guaranteed that it’ll reach 100% of PS3 owners?

  25. @Dreamer lion, @ Dr. Moogle
    Even in my previous post (#18) i did say “really can’t judge whats not yet released, both of them have great potential on paper” and in my second post i agreed with “Moocows111111” to only one point never underestimate the power of stupid people. what do u call a person who keeps on buying xbox five times in a row due to same hardware failure reason? i never said that Natal is crap, i just said because of this stupid it will succeed. IMO 360 in a piece of crap

  26. Well that is a little harsh taus90. The 360 is not crap.

    Of course the PS3 Wand will be easier to dev for, it is the Wii with HD graphics and better hardware and more space. Some of the greatest games should be coming out for it if Sony plays there cards right.

  27. @Taus90:

    Yeah, 360 hardware IS crap. But you’ve got to say why you are calling something crap, otherwise it would seem like a fanboy rant xD

  28. @ SonyJunkie
    PS3 Arc is Wii HD with better hardware accepted, but accept this too, Natal is PS2 EYETOY HD with better hardware..xD

  29. @Taus90 you mean better software, XD but it still has a lot of problems on Natal, If you look at all the videos (not advertisements) you can see that alot of the movements a person makes is not completely mimicked on the screen, as for the ARC it is true 1 to 1 unlike the wii, and it also provided Depth in the games.

  30. @Moocows111111
    yeah even software too…., I don’t want to predict anything, as whenever i predicted that something should fail, it succeeded and vice-versa, and u are right about the video, but as i said in my earlier post never underestimate the power of stupid people they will buy anything, give them Master Cheif photo printed on a glossy paper and label it limited edition for $50 they will buy it. I don’t know if Wii motion plus tracks motion 1:1.

  31. The Sony motion controller seems similar to the Wii Mote. Project Natal however can track your movements without you needing to hold anything, which is cool. The good about Sony motion ocntroller is that it will be easier to program games to use the Sony motion controller.

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