E3 2010: Our wildly humble predictions

Well, hot diggity-damn! Is it time for E3 again already? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were fawning over the latest Uncharted 2 gameplay video, reeling from the news that Final Fantasy XIII was going multiplatform, and trying to figure out what to make of Sony’s Move controller. Whether it ends up stirring unbridled joy or crushing disappointment, anticipation for this event is always high.

The biggest draw, of course, is throwing wild guesses at the wall and seeing what sticks. Obviously, some things are easier to predict than others — the next Call of Duty will definitely be there, but we’re more excited by the possibilty of an as-of-yet unannounced new IP totally blindsiding us all in one fell swoop of pure, energetic win.

Did that stop us from making a couple of easy predictions just to feel better about ourselves? Of course not! We’ve got our pride, after all. Now, the predictions, along with how likely we think they are on a 5-point scale.

More core Move titles, please

2.5 out of 5

There’s absolutely zero question that Move will be there, along with titles such as Move Party and The Fight: Lights Out, and we already know about SOCOM 4. If Sony really wants to differentiate this tech from Nintendo and not come off as a simple Wii clone, it really needs to deliver something that core gamers will want to play for more than a few hours before shelving it forever.

After three-plus years on the market, few developers have made any worthwhile progress with the Wii’s motion controls, usually opting to replace what would normally be button presses with aimless waggle. Will game designers be able to make show us something truly special to get excited about now that they can attach a similar control scheme to an HD powerhouse? It’s hard to say, but we’re really hoping that they do.

InFamous 2 is unveiled

5 out of 5

Well, here’s the obvious entry we warned you about earlier. The announcement of a sequel to one of the top PS3 exclusives of 2009 is such a given that not even my uncle would be surprised, and he still calls all game systems “Nintendos”. InFamous ended on a cliffhanger, is now available as a Greatest Hits title, and Sony have already locked up a URL for it’s inevitable sequel. We may as well be telling you that you can expect a new Madden in August.

In fact, this entry is probably better used to predict what changes we can expect within the game. Personally, it’d be difficult to imagine this game without the ability to import your save from the original game, just like Mass Effect 2 did. Choosing a moral path was one of the games biggest draws, so if the second game made half of the original obsolete by forcing a story that didn’t mesh with your experience… well, that wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Kevin Butler delivers Sony’s keynote

0.5 out of 5

This is as likely to happen as Kaz Hirai ripping off his shirt Hulk Hogan-style and revealing a huge Xbox tattoo on his chest, but let’s face it: Kaz and Jack Tretton aren’t very good at this public speaking thing. They’re stiff, their jokes are always flat, and their demeanor is just too business-like overall. That’s to be expected, of course, but they’re far too quick to forget that they’re in a room full of sweaty games journalists that want to hear less about quarterly earnings and more about actual product. Leave the corporate mumbo-jumbo at the investors conference call.

And seriously, who better to go serve up a lively keynote than KB? Since his debut last year in a commercial for MLB 09: The Show, his ads have been a roaring success. Sony may have wanted Sackboy to become the face of PlayStation, but that’s clearly fallen by the wayside in the wake of the best video game ad campaign in years. We’re well aware that he’s a fictional character, but we don’t care. We want him there, and apparently thousands of others do too. Make it happen, Sony.

Splinter Cell Conviction comes to PS3

4.5 out of 5

This one’s pretty easy, though not as concrete as an InFamous 2 announcement. When was the last time Ubisoft released a true exclusive? Have they ever? In an age where console exclusives are usually limited to first-party releases, it’s hard to imagine that this title stays 360/PC exclusive, especially with PS3 sales gaining steam.

We’d go into more detail, but GamesRadar already did a bang-up job of not only pointing out that every Splinter Cell game has come out on PlayStation platforms a couple of months after their Xbox counterparts, but also give you an idea of when to expect it. All you need to know from us is this: Splinter Cell Conviction will be given a PS3 release date at E3, and it will be good.

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  1. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 May 7, 2010 @ 10:51

    Killzone 3, Resistance 3 , Call Of Duty: Black Ops timed exclusive PS3 map pack, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition PlayStation Move gameplay.

  2. Kevin BUtler delivering the Key note speech, or atleast making an appearance. 2. All the videos displayed should be in 3D. 3. Move proper pricing. 4. Final Fantasy 13 versus. Infamous 2, KZ3. R3, GT5 and Last Gaurdian release date. PSP2 with dual analog……. this is what i want to hear from E3 this year. any other surprises besides these will be sweet

  3. I can’t wait for E3. I know for a fact that shit will go down.

  4. Doominator99 May 7, 2010 @ 14:09

    I want them to announce resistance 3, killzone 3, little big planet 2, Another game like heavy rain, gta5, uncharted 3, ifamous 2 and The elder scrolls 5 pwity pwees 😛

  5. Sly Cooper 4

  6. I’m hoping for some more info on FF 13 versus it’s time we know more. GT5 release date please, Kevin Butler must be there. More Last Guardian info and release date etc, etc ,etc, I think E3 will be awesome and let’s hope Sony will have some announcements that haven’t been leaked prior to E3

  7. I’m definitely hoping for some final fantasy versus 13 info

  8. my predictions:
    Resistance 3, Motorstorm 3, Killzone 3, some gt5 news, an exclusive new ip for the ps3 and ofcourese a shitload of 3D stuf

  9. In all honesty, we know about Sony’s secret-keeping, so if there’s anything announced that we haven’t already heard about in rumour, then I’d be very surprised.

    They’re going to be plugging move in every genre, as well as their 3D capability. Their eventual heightened sales and other obvious things. Anything to do with their exclusives would be brilliant, though. Emphasis on Final Fantasy XIII, please.

  10. Kevin Bulter is only a 0.5?? wtf?

    but yes…ill be totally stocked to see the PSP2 unveiled!! 😀

  11. Actual gameplay from Versus XIII and MGS RISING.

    A release date for Resistance 3, along with gameplay and playable builds. There is a huge chance R3 is move compatible as well xD

    The psp2, which will be compatible with all psp games through PSN. . . . . . . and it has 2 joysticks! lol.

    Mmmmh, we’ll probably see a new ps3 redesign and the grounds for a move + ps3 package along with a possible price.


    I’m a sucker for FF and MGS so any gameplay I see would make my E3 =)

  12. ^ahh yes, i forgot about the non-sony things lol

    yes, i hope for something for Versus and Rising indeed…..as for R3 and (perhaps KZ3), i never really cared about those games lol

  13. Tretton killed last years keynote. Everyone likes him and his jokes were excellent, as the leaked news prior to the show gave him the perfect setup.

  14. NEW IP(s) PLEAAAASE!!! T_T
    but yea it’ll be great XP

  15. i ‘m only intrested in portal 2 and id software news and ofcourse Half life3.. ..
    And i will probably enjoy Sony’s, Microsoft’s and nintendo’s keynote like usual.. ..
    Kinda wondering if sony has any games beside socom that work with the move just have to wait one more month.
    And i wanne see if ghost recon actualy works with the voice thingy natal has.
    None – the – less ..It will be a blast !

  16. i agree kevin butler SHOULD have his own segment at sony’s press conference. but id like to see a new syphon filter, killzone 3, resistance 3, infamous 2, new twisted metal, sly cooper 4. also more socom 4, the last guardian, & littlebigplanet 2 gameplay. also more info & gameplay footage of agent. and splinter cell conviction & mass effect coming to PS3 announcement but thats highly unlikely. AND A GRAN TURISMO 5 RELEASE DATE PLEASE SONY! lol

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