EA: Experimenting with download strategies

The internet has been abuzz within the last twenty-four hours about Pachter’s revelation that Electronic Arts plans to release Premium Downloadable Content, or PDLC for short, to gamers nationwide. Details state EA is developing a means to charge for pre-game content (or in Pachter’s terms “essentially be a very long game demo, along the lines of 2009’s Battlefield 1943”) for $10 to $15 on the PSN and XBox Live as another source of income. Consumers who buy the PDLC would still be charged full price for the game itself upon its release.

The big question in my mind echoed the sentiments several gamers were asking: “Will free demos still exist?” EA’s Jeff Brown has responded to the question, stating to Kotaku:

“EA SPORTS, EA Games and EA Play are each experimenting with download strategies that deliver fresh game content in formats players want to experience,” he writes. “To date, there is no set pricing strategy for the entire EA portfolio. And many of the proposals include free-to-play content on models similar to Madden Ultimate Team, Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 1943.”

“None of the proposals” Brown wrote, “call for charging consumers for traditionally free game demos.”

While certainly a relief to some, are you willing to pay $10 to $15 for an extra hour or two of a demo when still required to pay full-price for the game itself upon release? Seems like a steep price for a mere glorified demo.

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  1. I wouldn’t any more than $5 for a long demo. But something like Battlefield 1943 is well-worth the monies.

  2. I could get behind this if they gave these demos as preorder incentives. I can’t imagine people wanting to pay extra on top of a $60 game.

  3. paying for a demo ? Fuck off EA

  4. I am not even considering this.

  5. You bet they won’t charge for demos. Helluva stupid fucking move if you ask me.

  6. LOL wow EA, you just killed the whole purpose of a demo

  7. isnt it nice from ea to be experimenting with our money to find out a nother way to milk games

  8. winne the pooh March 23, 2010 @ 10:16

    its ea what else can you expect

  9. I would do this if it was like a discount or a pre-order thing. EA is all about making money, they don’t give a shit about us gamers.

  10. Moocows111111 March 23, 2010 @ 16:12

    Demos are free, they should really stay like that, I mean no one would pay extra just to get a few more hours of Just playing a demo. Plus its just a waste of money since, if you buy the game its another $60

  11. Did you guys not even read the comment? EA has no plans to charge for demos, lol.

  12. id rather just buy the game than a pay more just to have a long demo. Should give u money off on the main game if u do buy the stuff before hand.

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