Fallout MMO slated for 2012 release

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The recent court case between Bethesda and Interplay has been of decent interest in the gaming industry considering its implications on an upcoming MMO title within the Fallout universe. While Interplay continues to stand strong that they have the rights to create the game, Bethesda is obviously on the other side of that picket fence.

Regardless, the team at Interplay is still hard at work on the game and has actually given Project V13 a release year. We’re just hoping they’re not getting a little ahead of themselves. Here is the official quote from the Duck and Cover forums.

[ Game -> Update ] – More info on Company: Bethesda v. Interplay | More info on Game: Project V13

Despite being embroiled in a lawsuit with Bethesda over the fate of their Fallout MMO, Interplay has updated their website to show that PV13 – the codename for the Fallout MMO – will be released in 2012.

If it will actually be released as a Fallout MMO and not a new IP depends on the outcome of the court case with Bethesda.

With Fallout New Vegas this year, it would be great to look forward to another Fallout title in a couple of years from now – especially one with other players to enjoy the wasteland with.

Readers Comments (11)

  1. I love Fallout, and I hope this MMO works out. My only fear is that an MMO will make Fallout lose its desolate, post-apocalyptic feel.

  2. 2012? thats sounds a bit late 🙁

  3. A MMO Fallout game would be pretty sweet as I always wanted a Oblivion style MMO so fallout is the next best thing. If it incorporates the main features of fallout 3 then no doubt i will be buying it. As long as its not some stupid pay monthly thing

  4. wow 2012 the game has to be epic then

  5. I’d love a Fallout MMO, although I’m gonna be pretty busy with FFXI now that I got it.

  6. 2012 but the world ends in that year=), why do this kind of game take so long to come out another examples are Agency and DC Universe

  7. Moocows111111 March 4, 2010 @ 15:28

    “2012 but the world ends in that year=)”

    Yeah we won’t be able to play this game when it comes out… As to TRF

    “My only fear is that an MMO will make Fallout lose its desolate, post-apocalyptic feel.”

    This is how I feel too, the atmosphere of Fallout 3 was incredible it added to the games high Value, an MMO might mess this up. Anyways New Vegas is sure to be good though.

  8. Fallout MMO = The next Duke Nukem Forever

  9. Lol 2012 😛 kinda believe it since not only the mayans predicted the end of the world…
    but anyways the game looks good though i dont like fallout anyone thinks the same? i think FPS + RPG doesnt go that well

  10. I guess it makes sense to plan ahead by setting a target date; just keep plugging away and hope that when 2012 comes around they’ll have a game to release.

  11. I couldn’t stand Fallout 3, I thought it was way to boring. FPS and RPG don’t work good except for a few games like Borderlands in my opinion.

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