Far Cry 3 confirmed, may not be set in Africa

Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 3 is in development, though it’s currently unclear as to where the game will be set this time.

Whether to head to Africa with Far Cry 3 seems to be the burning question for Ubisoft. The series, originally birthed by Crytek, was confirmed to be seeing a third iteration in an OPM interview with Ubisoft script writer Kevin Shortt.

Although the details stopped there, our friends at IncGamer have managed to get an Ubisoft source to tell them that the game most likely won’t be set in Africa.

We’re still in very early development and we have no idea where it’s going to be set, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be in Africa.

However, it’s early days yet so any of these decisions could change in time. Any ideas or preferences on Far Cry 3’s location?

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  1. it would be awesome if it would be in a really cold place you know the opposite of far cry 2

  2. i agree, i want to see some snowy environments and how the physics and lighting work in those places cuz their engine is quite beautiful!

  3. Far cry 2 was a disappointment!

  4. TheCodeNameisSnake November 26, 2009 @ 20:20

    never played any Farcrys
    but if its anything like crysis ill give it a try

  5. LastBoss your a fucking idiot Far Cry 3 is awesome it has beautiful graphics and the gameplay rocks. Your just a hater. To be honest I will be dissapointed if Far Cry 3 is not set in Africa. Far Cry 3 is stunning visually and has alot of different terraine like deserts jungles rivers and towns

  6. anywhere with no fcking green water creating a map was fun but the colors sucked i wanted to make a nice tropical place with clear blue water if i can pick a place i’d go with either rio de janero, bahamas, or cancun but in a snowy place id go with… somewhere in russia

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