Final Fantasy XIII delivers 1.2 million times in first week

According to VGChartz (you know the drill), Square Enix has watched Final Fantasy XIII get rung up at retail roughly 1.2 million times this past week here in the West. If true, I’d consider FFXIII to have had a successful launch for the developer/publisher in comparison to other JRPGs that have released in this region in the past.

VGChartz also has taken the leap of faith and claimed that 61% of those sales are for the PlayStation 3. This would be a staggering difference in sales and a complete blowout when given the install base of both consoles. Considering Aaron Greenberg’s recent comments about almost doubling Sony in sales within North America, Microsoft can’t be too excited over these sales figures.

The total world wide sales for Final Fantasy have now reached over 3 million so long as these numbers remain accurate. These sales stats also solidify the notion that Final Fantasy will always truly be a PlayStation franchise and anyone who thinks differently is only kidding themselves.

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  1. Oh, big surprise here, the FPSbox doesn’t have as many RPG fans.

  2. People bought PS3s for FF, but 13 is a multiplat. Hope Square keeps their word and delivers on the next one.

  3. @Thorzilla that’s funny cause fallout 3,dragon age origins and oblivion all sold better on the 360 and mass effect 2 sold loads too not bad for a “FPSbox” eh?. also this ” These sales stats also solidify the notion that Final Fantasy will always truly be a PlayStation franchise and anyone who thinks differently is only kidding themselves.” if i apply that logic to every game that sold better on 360 what would that mean?.

  4. @Anonymous (lol)

    That wouldn’t make much sense, logically, since with the 360’s install base being 80% higher in North America — it’s SUPPOSED to sell more copies, lol. That’s the point.

  5. @ anonymous

    Every game does not have a history as final fantasy does. Pretty much every (if not all) final fantasy games sold in the millions. That’s something not many franchises can say. Also for tha fact that the install base of 360s in NA is almost double that of ps3s, that a feat to be noted.

  6. many franchises can’t say*

  7. No surprise, there was always a massive fanbase for these games and with all the hype not surprised its done so well. Glad to see ps3 version doing strong as well

  8. Hopefully Square Enix doesn’t use these sales as a reason to keep their series running like this. I want open worlds!

  9. how is this not obvious that itll sell millions?

  10. Patrick Steen March 16, 2010 @ 15:45

    It quite frankly isn’t a PlayStation franchise, since it’s been on more consoles than Sony’s systems and selling almost 600,000 on the Xbox 360 in the first week proves that with Final Fantasy XIII. It’s definitely a win for the PS3 considering the installed bases in the US (you’d hope that might be due to the 360 version being a bad port) but it’s still a relatively successful 360 title.

  11. I’m with vgchartz in their, uh, educated estimate, but I’m looking forward to the more solid data from NPD next month.

  12. Moocows111111 March 16, 2010 @ 20:46

    @Patrick Steen Even though its not a truly a Playstation Fanchise, the reason people went out and bought a Ps3 and a copy of FF13 then it just shows that a lot of people feel that Final Fantasy is an experience that should be (and will be ) forever only on a Sony made console.

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