Gamescom 2011: DmC trailer makes game look great, boycotters look silly

The new Devil May Cry game, simply known as DmC, has been quite the lightning rod for controversy. Ever since Ninja Theory unveiled Dante’s new design it’s been nothing less than a shitstorm of whiny people saying that they can’t believe that NT had the gall to alter the character’s iconic look. Never mind that Dante is a teenager in this game, but whatever.

Anyway, there’s a new trailer for the game, and it looks damn impressive. Of course, that won’t stop so-called fans to say that they’re not interested because Dante’s hair isn’t white enough, but from the looks of things they’re going to be missing out on a hell of a time.

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  1. It still looks like a piece of shit…

  2. Camera is way too far, the action is slow as hell and the new Dante still looks like a meth addict with make-up. And why the hell are the enemies just standing there waiting to be obliterated anyway? Most of the combos are just a copy/paste of Nero from DMC4 but in slow-motion.

  3. The game looks to cartonish. The game play has also been sped up to make it look better. This game looks like it’s going to suck. Trust me after this game fails they will bring back the original.

  4. RareEndangeredSpycrab August 20, 2011 @ 13:33

    The guys above are proof that most of these DMC haters are trolls. One says the action is slow as hell while the other complains that its sped up? and just as a side note, DMC thrives on being cartoony… to complain about that probably means you hate DMC in general since every game (Besides DMC2) has been cooky, over the top and downright ridiculous.

  5. Im sorry … still not impressed… Capcom has been fudging up lately and I will not be giving them anymore money until they start respecting their customers..

  6. I wanted something close to DMC1.So all newcomers and newbs can GTFO or keep sucking Capcom’s cock.
    You don’t know shit about DMC,and yet praising NT,what hypocrites…
    A son of angle and devil?WTF!?!Does he sparkle?

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