Gamescom 2011: inFamous 2: Festival of Blood announced

When it was time for a Sucker Punch trailer in the middle of Sony’s Gamescom media briefing today, people probably expected something new for the upcoming Sly 4: Thieves in Time. Instead, we got news of a downloadable bit of inFamous.

In inFamous 2: Festival of Blood, New Marais seems to have caught that vampire fever that seems to have permeated pop culture all across the United States. More specifically, it seems that series hero Cole McGrath has been bitten, and he has but a night to find the vampire that infected him.

We’re promised new characters and enemies, as well as “hours of gameplay.” Supposedly this will give us a look at the darker side of the inFamous universe, but whether that’s thematically true or just a dumb “lol night vampires” pun remains to be seen.

The game is appropriately scheduled for an October 2011 release. In the meantime, peep the announcement trailer:

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  1. Meh. Loved Infamous 2 but for some reason I don’t really feel like going back to it.

  2. does the game give you an option to stay like that?

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