Gamescom: SSX to allow 100,000 players to compete online at once

Remember when everyone was worried what the new SSX would be like when it first debuted at the Spike Video Game Awards? How it looked like it was trying to be a gritty new take on the goofy snowboarding franchise we all knew and loved? Recent trailers have put that fear to bed, and the game now simply known as SSX looks to be a great, if late, foray into the current generation of consoles.

Just as impressively, a new trailer out of Gamescom promises that up to 100,000 players will be able to compete online at once. I would have been damned impressed if they’d said 100, but to multiply that by a thousand? Man, oh man. Here’s  the trailer for you to check out yourself:

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  1. i gues im just not into this cind of games

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