GameStop claims of The Last Guardian cancellation turn to be false

Pre-recorded messages claiming The Last Guardian has been cancelled were yesterday sent out to GameStop customers. Fortunately, there was no truth to it.

Darren Hupke was just one GS customer to receive the call, which he later decided to record and post on his blog.

A heart in mouth moment for Darren, I’m sure, but Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has since denied the claims on Twitter. GameStop also sent a statement to Kotaku in a bid to explain the confusion.

“The Last Guardian has not been cancelled by Sony as we incorrectly stated in an automated call to reservation customers. Because the game did not have a specific release date, GameStop made the decision to remove the game from our system. The Last Guardian will be reinstated for pre-order when a firm launch date is known.”


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  1. It’s all great and dandy that they were offering up beta finally, but what is it visiting matter? There’s a texture glitch in the moat of Stormwind nevertheless!!! Evade bugs are still all along the way, both Old World AND Outlands. Abilities are still glitched! I mean, when it comes to the crunch, I would rather have Blizz fix the overall game they currently HAVE as opposed to a worry about putting out a fresh expansion!!! Seriously…

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