Gearbox takes over Duke Nukem Forever

With PAX ’10 about to get underway, it’s about time to realize that the jokes surrounding the Duke Nukem franchise are soon to be a thing of the past. No longer is the infamous Duke Nukem Forever just a new form of vaporware, but instead, it will be a fully realized vision and title that gamers can purchase at retail.

According to several US sources speaking to several websites, 2K Games is preparing to announce that Gearbox, developers of the widely popular Borderlands, has taken over the development duties for the upcoming Duke Nukem title. This isn’t all that surprising considering Gearbox and 3D Realms have both been located in the same spot since inception.

Obviously there isn’t anything else to report on as of yet, but that should change once 2K reveals this information here in the next few hours.

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  1. Gearbox . . . meh.

  2. @TRF WTF are you talkin about? Gearbox helped make HALF LIFE, on of if not THE BEST FPS EVER! What is wrong with gear box!?!?!?!?!?

  3. I’ll take a wait-and-see approach to this one…

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